I Signed Up With Lifeguard Financial-FBL Associates-Noteworld. How Do I Get Out? – George

“Dear Damon,

I signed up with a debt settlement company two years ago. I signed up for a three year program with Lifeguard Financial/FBL Associates/Noteoworld. I have paid $445 for the past 24 months. They tokk over $8000 in fees of the $9500 I paid. The latest was on June 2, 2011 for $1400 for provider activation dee and $395 for a Maintenance Fee, all this after I was specificall told that the fees would cease as of Jan, 2011..

My credit is destroyed. How do I get ot of this, and get a refund? They refuse to answer the phone, email. faxes, etc?



Dear George,

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Hello George,

I wish my news was better but it appears that Lifeguard has filed for bankruptcy which is why they are likely not returning your calls.

Please see my response to another consumer who was scammed by this company.

If they just took $800 dollars from you on June 2nd, I would immediately contact Noteworld and demand that money back. If you are not successful then I would go to my bank and dispute the charge and ask them to do a charge back.

With the company in bankruptcy, the chances are very slim that you will get any of your fees back but you might as well put in a claim as a creditor, it couldn’t hurt.

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