Sean Zausner, David Zausner, David Feingold Agree to Pay Millions to Settle With FTC

David Feingold of Elimadebt was named as part of a $19 million settlement with the FTC over some of his other business activities.

Today the FTC announced that under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court banned three men and their company from the mortgage modification business and ordered them to pay nearly $19 million for consumer refunds. The defendants allegedly deceived distressed homeowners with phony claims that they would negotiate with lenders to modify their mortgages and make them more affordable.

The FTC sued First Universal Lending and its owners in November 2009 as part of Project Stolen Hope, a continuing federal-state crackdown on mortgage foreclosure rescue and loan modification scams. As alleged in the FTC’s complaint, the defendants encouraged homeowners to stop making mortgage payments, saying lenders would not negotiate unless they were at least a few months behind in their payments. After charging consumers up to $7,000 in up-front fees, the defendants often did little or nothing to help them, the agency charged. The court subsequently halted the defendants’ operation, froze their assets, and ordered them to disable their Web sites and computers.

In addition to imposing a judgment of more than $18.8 million against the defendants, the settlement order bans them from the mortgage relief services business. It also permanently prohibits the defendants from misrepresenting material facts about any good or service, violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule, selling or using customers’ personal information, failing to properly dispose of customer information, and collecting payments from their customers.

The defendants are First Universal Lending LLC, Sean Zausner, David Zausner, and David J. Feingold, an attorney in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Federal Trade Commission v. First Universal Lending, LLC, a limited liability company, Sean Zausner, individually and as owner, officer, or manager of First Universal Lending, LLC, David Zausner, individually and as owner, officer, or manager of First Universal Lending, LLC, and David J. Feingold, individually and as officer or manager of First Universal Lending, LLC.

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4 thoughts on “Sean Zausner, David Zausner, David Feingold Agree to Pay Millions to Settle With FTC”

  1. Over one year and the lying thieves, Feingold, David Zausner, and Sean Zausner have not repaid per their agreement.  Just another piece of their history of being raised by parents who were lower than whale ####.  Can’t blame the kids for following in the steps of trash.

  2. They have agreed to pay it with no intentions of doing so.  FTC said not to expect your refund, but they did put them out of business.  Next thing to do is contact your State Attorney General’s office and ask them to file criminal charges.  It is fraud in most states and if they prosecute at least you get the satisfaction of them being put into jail.


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