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Creditor Keeps Reporting I Owe a Balance on My Credit Reports When I Paid It Off. – Mard

“Dear Steve,

I had a total of debts that equal about $5000.00 I paid them all within 1 week which most were in collections,but to make a long story short they took off the balance that I owed on the debts after they were paid and i have all the paper work and documents showing proof that they were paid.About a month later the CRA’S from from three of my debts placed them on my credit report again which has brung my score down a lot. My scores was between 629-641 all three now they are all in the hi 500’s.Thought I was safe to apply for a credit card and was denied now my score went down even more.what should I do about that disputes are not working.

How can I get my old debts that i paid off which were at $0.00 and now a month later they put the same one’s back on there saying I owe what has already been paid which has knocked my score back down even more and know I can’t even apply for credit .Was inbetween 621-641 on all three reports and now all three are in the high 500’s.


Dear Mard,

Easy. Write a letter to each of the credit reporting agencies. The address for disputes should on on the credit reports you have.

Provide each credit reporting agency with a copy of the documentation showing the account number and the debt was paid. They should remove that account or update it and reflect the balance correctly.

In addition, write the company that is reporting this, provide the same supporting documents and ask them to correct their records as well.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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