– Scam Alert

The following information appears as a scam warning for consumers to avoid.

Steve Notes

The website is a spam site that uses false testimonials and statements to try to sell some opportunity. Similar website have been used to push other products or services. As an example, see this story about QuiBids.

The Pitch

Spam emails are being sent out that say: “I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke and I want you to know that I hadn’t forgotten about you. I’m only working from home nowadays and still making so much more than I ever could at my old job. You must do it for yourself. You will be kicking yourself in about a few weeks if you don’t get started while you still can. I actually noticed something about it on last night’s news so finally I attempted it on my own and I couldn’t be happier. You’ll be able to see it for yourself. Go here and get back to me after you are comfortable discussing your results. Lots of the stuff is hard to consider but this is proven to work and only improves with each day that passes. This has got to be the best thing ever. http://MSNBCNEWSONCHAN14.COM”

Website is designed to appear like a news site. – Source. But it’s not.

Interesting that the URL says it is channel 14 but the website says channel 10. Hum?

One simple way to tell is to watch the breaking news title change if you surf the site from different locations.

So are Moms from all different cities around the world making the same income in U.S. currency even though that’s not their local currency? No.

This website is hosted on a server in Texas with several other similar domain names:

The domain name was registered on July 10, 2011.

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The website is being used to push the sale of Profit Vault. Links lead to was registered on May 27, 2011.

If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “ – Scam Alert”

  1. I got this email and was immediately suspicious because it seemed to be from a colleague whose email account had previously been hijacked.

    Normally, I would delete these emails immediately and forget about them, but this one was worrying because it is a better scam than most:

    They seem to have swamped search engine results with fake reviews which means that even cautious punters might be fooled.

    I’m please that you have published this article. I have also published my findings on:

  2. yeah i got this email and i guess they hacked my account and sent this email to all my contacts in my address book. i hate hotmail and their weak security. i didn’t even open an attachment. I originally opened the email on my iphone so i’m not sure what happened. Then today I got a few “undeliverable email” notifications and that’s when i found out i got hacked.


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