Is Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group in Canada Really Run by Tim McCallan and Americorp?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me in some information that showed members of AmeriCorp and Intermark Media. You can click on the images below for a bigger view.

Pictured (l-r), Back row: Americorp, Ed D’Rozario, Intermark, Joe Hogya, Intermark, Wil Schmidt, Americorp, Ryan Gallagher. Second row; Intermark, Joanna Thalassinos, Intermark, Stefanie Favicchio, Americorp, Maria Napolitano, Americorp, Kathryn Doherty, and Americorp, Jeanette Briscoe. Front row, Americorp, Chris Kelly and Tim McCallan, Founder & President of both companies.

Pictured, (l-r) Americorp, Chris Kelly, EAC Program Coordinator of Meals on Wheels, Susanne Schmidt, EAC Regional Director of Senior & Nutritional Services, Carol O’Neill, Americorp and Intermark Media, Founder & President, Tim McCallan, EAC Outreach Assistant of Hempstead Senior Center, Nellie Ferdinand, EAC Food & Nutrition volunteer, Delma Marshall and EAC Executive Vice President, Rebecca Bell.

The posting (source) describes Tim McCallan as president of both AmeriCorp and Intermark Media. Intermark Media was recently targeted by the FTC.

Yesterday I wrote about Clear Blue Debt Solutions which is selling advanced fee debt settlement services to residents of Canada. An allegation had been made that the company was related to Tim McCallan’s activities and his relationship to Vortex Debt Group.

Overnight I remembered seeing something that linked Clear Blue Debt Solutions to Syosset, NY, the home of AmeriCorp.

Sure enough, there was this press release that linked Clear Blue Debt Solutions to Syosset, NY. And not just Syosset, but also the exact same zip code as AmeriCorp.

Alex Vinicombe
PO Box 168
Syosset, New York 11791-0168

A little more digging found that Clear Blue Debt Solutions is actually a registered New York Corporation with the address of:

P.O. BOX 168
SYOSSET, NEW YORK, 11791 – Source

It turns out the street address is a UPS Store. – Source

Alex Vinicombe, who wrote and/or sent out that press release for Clear Blue Debt Solutions says he is the director of customer services for, guess who, AmeriCorp.

It was just reported to me that according to the State of Delaware, Clear Blue Debt Solutions Inc. is incorporated in that state and the Officer, President, and Director for the company are none other than Timothy McCallan. Synergy Debt Group is also incorporated in Delaware, and the Officer, President, and Director for that company is Tim’s employee Wendy Manzo.

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12 thoughts on “Is Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group in Canada Really Run by Tim McCallan and Americorp?”

  1. This is an out right scam. I paid in to it for some time as I had been made to believe if I opt out I get all my money back. The bought in because I was promised a settlement that was way lower than what I could get on my own. Long story short, I later decided to opt out and that’s when the real truth came out. They’d assess my situation in a week and let me know how much refund I’d be getting! what?!
    A month later I called and was promised to hear from them in another week. I carry my phone all the time but this time I found a direct voicemail. My check was in the mail the voicemail said. $115 was all i got back! after all those withdrawals!
    And not one settlement negotiated.

    It for sure is a scam for paying out for no service. That’s the definition. I don’t care much how nice the man and his wife are. They lie for money!

  2. Yes, I worked for this company for 18 months and everything that I have read above is so true. They are home based in New York under a different name and have a company in Melbourne Florida.  They tell the employees how beneficial they are to the consumer and how much they are helping their customers and when the employee figures out the scam and confronts their so called management staff then they are fired.   They changed the compensation package three times in 18 months as to how they pay the employees, which is based on how many calls that you receive vs. how many that you can enroll into the “so called” debt relief program.  They take the first payment as their so called fees and then there are attorneys fees etc etc…no money every goes to the creditors.  The owner Tim McCallan, and his wife Jeanne, have run this scam form NY to Florida to California and keep changing the name of the company.  They have also been sited by the Labor Board in two of the states they have operated in for not paying overtime and expecting their employees to clock out after the 8 hour work day but yet contimue to work off the clock til their quota has been met or suffer the threat of dismisal.  Tim and Jeannie McCallan is associated with Americorp in NY (Corp Office) The Achievable, now called The Vortex Group in Florida, the attorneys for these two companies during the 18 months was about 4 different groups, I recall Allegro Law but I can not remember the other 3 firms and then come to find out it was Tim and Jeannie’s own customer service doing the negotiation and not attorneys at all…It is such a scam and the sorry thing is that they are still in business in Melbourne.Some of my clients had my cell phone number and have kept in touch with me and told me horror stories of how they have not only have a loss in their credit card debt but have lossed their homes as well because after I left they started a “Loan Modification” scam and rolled it all into one big account and the client loosing thousands of dollars…it is so sad how people like them can look in the mirrror or sleep at night.  They will have to answer to their maker one day…but in the meantime somone should put them out of business.  I do understand they are now operating under another name as well that is also a scam in colon cleanse…now you tell me what colon cleaning and credit card negociation has in common…both are Full of S##T!   I an serious…I live here and can go and take a picture of the so called “call center” to show you how fifthy the palce is and what kind of people work there…the guy named Brian in so many of the complaints below has to continue to work there as he has 5 or 6 children to feed and he also at one time worked as a bartender on the week-ends…I think he is one of the ones that had a high school education at least…maybe.

  3. I have worked directly with Tim, Alex, Ryan and many of people mentioned in ths post. Even as a past employee, I have nothing but good things to say about all of them. They are great people running a great company and treat both their clients and employees with respect, putting their pictures and facebook pages on your site is just wrong.

    • Maybe you can shed light then why these companies appear to be part of a group that claim to be Canadian companies selling debt services for an advanced fee. Clear Blue Debt Solutions, Synergy Debt Group. 

      See this story, and this one.

      And why AmeriCorp employee Vanessa Vinicombe claims to be located at the same address but running a company called Synthis which a tipster said would be the new name for Vortex Debt Group that is associated with AmeriCorp. – Source

      The facts say there is more behind the companies unless you can shed some clarity on WAV Team Services and why it appears advanced fee debt settlement services appear to be sold from an AmeriCorp associated address.

    • What drugs are you on…..they are the lowest bottom feeders.  everyone involved has hurt any client and left them in the dust.  If you knew the real dirt.  My friend, there is a reason for constant management change, uneducated CEO’s and constant moving across borders. They all deserve to be locked in a cell together, not at the Ft Salonga compound either. 

  4. Ive known Ryan Gallagher for some time. Having a background in debt settlement can be an automatic “black eye”. I’ve always known Ryan to be a professional & conduct himself as such- Just my 2 cents…….. 

  5. Steve, this guy is like a drug addict he cant get enough money, and Alex is none other than Vanessa Smith Dominquez husband nah it cant be? What a joke. The disgrace of the whole thing is these people couldnt get a job parking cars if they didn’t rip off the American people. Tim is so greedy and the hubris is so heavy that you want to puke. Also the fact that local non-profit EAC would honor him as unsung hero of the year is more appalling then Tim himself.  Talk about a collection of phonies, and if you meet these people they act like they started microsoft.  They belong in jail!! Eriks Pukke didnt do half of what McCallan has done and is still doing and he sits in prison.

  6. Wow you must hate Tim mcallan, however what do the people who worked for him in the picture have to do with this debt settlement company?  those people are most likely all unemployed since all of NY was fired months ago,

    Dont you think its overboard to put on blast the mailroom guy or the receptionist?  i guess no one is safe in your path, those in FL who feed this guy info, remember when youre gone this post to see what hell do to you.  Steve is a selfish person.

    When you go looking for a job and someone types in your name and steves site comes up like it does for  Chris Kelly,, Ed D’Rozario, Jeanette Briscoe, Joanna Thalassinos, Joe Hogya, Kathryn Doherty, Maria Napolitano, Ryan Gallagher, Stefanie Favicchio,, Wendy Manzo, Wil Schmidt / Permalink all of these people steve has done search engine work on to come up when someone searches their name.  so when Maria goes for a job interview, and someone searches her steves site comes up, and when they thnk maria was part of a scam, do you think shes getting the job?  BINGO

    Steve if i knew how to work the internet i would spread your falsehood all over the net, youre destroying hard working people in your wrath to go after one person, did he screw your wife?

    • Bro, you have no clue what you are talking about and should stop while you’re a head or you may say something stupid and wind up like your screen name.


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