Vortex Debt Group / Americorp to Become Synthis, Tipster Says

A tipster (send in your tips here) has written in and said:

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Thought you might like to know Vortex/Americorp has now changed their name to Synthis Inc. seems since Missiouri has banned them and the Attorney General has sent letters to consumers to file for a refund that it would be to costly to them to refund all these clients, there solutions would be to file bankruptcy, one way of getting out of paying them back, and these poor consumers have no clue what’s fixing to happen to them.

It’s also sad to see what they are doing to clients in Canada, these peopel can lose there homes if they get sued but do you think they care heck NO. I hope you can get it out there to beware.

So I Took a Quick Look

A search of public records did find that Synthis, Inc has registered as a Delaware corporation to do business in Florida at the same address used by Americorp and Vortex Debt Relief. – Source

It appears Vanessa Vinicombe, the listed president for Synthis does or did have a relationship with Americorp. Here she is listed in 2010 with Americorp documents relating to the bankruptcy filing for Allegro Law. – Source

But publicly she says she has been the CEO of Synthis since 2000. It also shows she is interested in credit and collection issues in Canada.

The State of New York does not list any registered corporation for Synthis, Inc. so it makes me wonder how Vinicombe can be receiving mail for Americorp in New York in 2010 and claim to be the CEO for Synthis since 2000 but Synthis is not registered in New York. And then, according to public records Synthis, Inc was only registered as a Delaware corporation on 2-25-2011. – Source.

Synthis, Inc says it is located at 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suite 102B, Melbourne, FL 3240[sic] and past stories I’ve written show the Vortex Debt Group address to be Vortex Debt Group, 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suite 102A, Melbourne, FL 32940. – Source. Suite 102A is/was also the address of the Tim McCallan (Americorp) company, Media Mogul. – Source

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As of the time of the publication of this article I had not yet heard back from Vanessa Vinicombe with a response to my questions and the activities of Synthis.

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