Vortex Debt Group / Americorp to Become Synthis, Tipster Says

A tipster (send in your tips here) has written in and said:

Thought you might like to know Vortex/Americorp has now changed their name to Synthis Inc. seems since Missiouri has banned them and the Attorney General has sent letters to consumers to file for a refund that it would be to costly to them to refund all these clients, there solutions would be to file bankruptcy, one way of getting out of paying them back, and these poor consumers have no clue what’s fixing to happen to them.

It’s also sad to see what they are doing to clients in Canada, these peopel can lose there homes if they get sued but do you think they care heck NO. I hope you can get it out there to beware.

So I Took a Quick Look

A search of public records did find that Synthis, Inc has registered as a Delaware corporation to do business in Florida at the same address used by Americorp and Vortex Debt Relief. – Source

It appears Vanessa Vinicombe, the listed president for Synthis does or did have a relationship with Americorp. Here she is listed in 2010 with Americorp documents relating to the bankruptcy filing for Allegro Law. – Source

But publicly she says she has been the CEO of Synthis since 2000. It also shows she is interested in credit and collection issues in Canada.

The State of New York does not list any registered corporation for Synthis, Inc. so it makes me wonder how Vinicombe can be receiving mail for Americorp in New York in 2010 and claim to be the CEO for Synthis since 2000 but Synthis is not registered in New York. And then, according to public records Synthis, Inc was only registered as a Delaware corporation on 2-25-2011. – Source.

Synthis, Inc says it is located at 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suite 102B, Melbourne, FL 3240[sic] and past stories I’ve written show the Vortex Debt Group address to be Vortex Debt Group, 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suite 102A, Melbourne, FL 32940. – Source. Suite 102A is/was also the address of the Tim McCallan (Americorp) company, Media Mogul. – Source

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As of the time of the publication of this article I had not yet heard back from Vanessa Vinicombe with a response to my questions and the activities of Synthis.


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18 thoughts on “Vortex Debt Group / Americorp to Become Synthis, Tipster Says”

  1. I cant believe Synthis tried me…. so they finally fired me on Jan 9th, 2013 and this is the thanks I get after dealing with they’re company mess …. I AM YANTE KNIGHT no need to hide my name… I dont own this company, I just worked for them… a single mother looking to make a decent income… after almost two years of dealing with a business that didnt know what they were doing themselves, I stuck it out and remained a team player and they fired me for being unprofessional… they’re entire team except for Vanessa down talks to their employees and they expect for me to sit there and hush up.. they really dont care about people as long as they are making money, I guess thats business for you… and now because they forged documents, faked conduct meetings w/ me, my unemployment maybe at risk… I cant believe this is the thanks I get… so now i’m telling the truth… they are scams and expected me to lie to customers…. thats why I called my client’s after work and explained to them what they needed to do in order to request their refunds…. I’m about building people up not tearing them down… so I played my position and played it well. At the end of the day, I’m not disgruntled, I have a Paralegal Degree and did not obtain it to mislead people in the wrong direction. Life and the experiences we go through only make us stronger to know…. there is a better job out there for me and WILL appreciate my services 🙂

  2. all clients should start requesting their money in “escrow” back ASAP, word is someone dipped in client funds a bunch of times, if they closed today they wouldnt be able to pay anyones creditors.  Someone needs to investigate those books, they are burnt to a crisp they been cooked so many times

      • Over 1 million dollars in client funds are missing this is why everyone is being fired they think they can fire everyone save money and put back the stolen funds. Word is they aren’t paying vendors and client accounts checks are bouncing The FTC needs to get in there and protect consumers right away and put those scumbags in jail. Proof of this came out of managements own mouth which is why Alex vinocomb is back to protect Vanessa from going to jail Steve you need to contact the FTC Florida ag and anyone else who can get in there and protect the consumers. Once they see the books they see the theft why do you think they can’t produce documents in the allegro case? Because it’ll show the theft


    • There’s reputable companies located in Canada, licensed in Canada, and run by real Canadian citizens. Some of them have been around for many years and do a great job. The American companies just went up to Canada to make a quick buck. They don’t have any real long term interest IMO.

  4. Here is some names working for Synthis who agrees with the scams they are doing, don’t let them take your money Tessa Thomas, Robin DeLeon, Yantea Knight, Mike Kisner and Wayne Walton.

  5. I have written you a few times regarding Vortex Debt Group/Synthis/Americorp/Clear Blue Solutions and really who knows ow many more names they will have. The last time I wrote I had mentioned this company is having financial problems and was concerned what would happen to the many people who signed up with their company. I left the company not a disgruntled employee by any means but one that would not do what they ordered me to do and that was to lie and hang up on clients, I would not do that as I and just a few others really cared about our clients, well my supervisor ordered me to lie to the clients and I refused to I walked out which is nothing I am proud of but I had no choice but to do so since I would not do what they asked. Well low and behold employees were getting laid off left and right, the call center had over 100 reps and after I left it got down to less then 20 people as of right now they let all the customer service reps go on 05/18/12 and they put 3 sales people to work answering the phones. What has happen is the upper management in the sales dept took over (A BUNCH OF LIARS). They have shut down Synthis, they have shut down the Canada clients and those poor people have lost all there money they will not be able to get their money back. The clients in the US are some what lucky as they have access to their money and can call Global Client Solutions and close their account and get their money back however the clients in Canada do not have that abilitly the money received from the Canada clients gets debited and goes into one bank account whichThe Bank Of Montreal and guess who’s name it’s under yes Tim McCallan yep, so those poor people when they call the center will get no one and they are out their money. Oh and by the way Synthis which was owned by paper only Vanessa Vinicombe well her husband Alex Vinicombe he resigned and since they shut down Synthis she is now working in a cubicle instead of that big nic e office she had, will be just a matter of time before her and Alex pack their bags and head back to New York. Wayne Walton is going to open under another name and who knows what will happen. I wanted to get this info to you in hopes of getting this out there. I truly cared about my clients and have a heart. I luckily took some of my clients phone numbers with me and called them to give them warning in advance, they were very greatful but worried about there accounts that were not settled, I told them I would be more than happy to help them settle their accounts and would not charge them as I'[m not in it for the money but only to help them, I only hope that I will be able to do this as I start my new job 06/13/12. I don’t know if you can do anything or have ways of getting this out to the consumers but if you do I would be so greatful if you could so these clients don’t get screwed. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

  6. Synthis has announced the are going out of business, so anyone with money at Vortex need to call Global Client Solutions to request a refund right away. The same for Capital Debt Relief customers and Synergy customers. These crooks are known for taking people’s money.

  7. Where is the FTC?  Shut these clowns down already.  Can it be any more obvious they are screwing over one client after another…

  8. Where is the FTC?  Shut these clowns down already.  Can it be any more obvious they are screwing over one client after another…

  9. Vanessa Vinicombe(Smith) used to work for Tim McCallan at Consumer Debt Resources, Inc. back in 1995. She was his right hand man. She has been on his payroll in some fashion since that time.

  10. Vanessa Vinicombe(Smith) used to work for Tim McCallan at Consumer Debt Resources, Inc. back in 1995. She was his right hand man. She has been on his payroll in some fashion since that time.


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