My Mom Has Been Car Leasing But Her Arthritis Keeps Her From Driving.

“Dear Damon,

My mother is 84 years old she cannot drive the car she leased any longer what are her obligations to the cadillac dealer for the remiaining payments she also has minimum income…she has a letter from her doctor that she can longer drive due to her arthritis.

please advise..does she need to pay up teh remaining lease payments???


Hello Jamie,

Whether or not your mother can drive will not absolve her of her obligation on the lease.

You can contact the dealer and inform them of her situation and ask if you can turn the car in early. Depending on the condition and mileage of the car, she may or may not owe money.

If she does owe money then you will have to address that like you would any other bill.

The first step is to contact the dealer and get an idea of what would happen if you turned the car in and then make some decisions from that point. It makes little sense to keep paying a monthly payment on a lease on a car that isn’t driven, but knowing what, if anything will be owed on an early lease termination will be very helpful in deciding your next move.

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