How Do I Get Montana Capital to Remove My Title Lien After a 1099-C?

How Do I Get Montana Capital to Remove My Title Lien?

Question: Dear Steve, I took out a title loan from Montana Capital (Simple Cash Loans) in 2016. Unfortunately, I lost my job and couldn’t continue making the payments. Tax records downloaded from the IRS website show the entire debt was canceled in 2019. I still have possession of the car, but Montana Capital is still …

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Rapid Reader Questions: Walmart, Apartment, Credit Risk, College

Q: Does a credit union have to provide a member in writing the amount of interest paid on a loan for tax purposes? A: Depends on what kind of loan it is. Reporting would be voluntary or required by IRS on certain types of loans. Q: How can a financial company put a charge off …

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State Farm Cancelled Our Car Insurance and It’s Not Fair

Question: Dear Steve, After 3 or more decades with State Farm, my auto and homeowners were not renewed. Three accidents occurred while my husband was backing out of grocery store parking lots. One accident was dropped due to deferred adjudication. Dates were 12/15/2020, 6/22/2019, And 10/1/2018. The deferred adjudication was 1/14/2020. The lady in the …

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