Dave Burke and Real Talk Network Get Put Out of Business by Colorado AG

I can now finally say how proud I am this site played a big role in the investigation and enforcement of Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network that was harming consumers with bogus debt relief services and claims.

This began with my article, Investigative Report: Dave Burke and Real Talk Network and appears to have ended today with the Colorado Attorney General making the following announcement.

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DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that his office has reached a settlement with a Westminster-based company, Real Talk Network, David Allen Burke (DOB: 9/6/1967) and Melodie Rose Burke (DOB: 7/1/1969). The settlement permanently bars Real Talk Network and its principals from selling, marketing or advertising any debt-relief services. Real Talk Network also has agreed to pay the state $226,414, including $200,000 in consumer restitution, as part of the settlement.

The settlement, which results from a lawsuit the Office of the Attorney filed against Real Talk Network in July 2010, addresses allegations that the company’s infomercials falsely promised, through deceptive infomercials and seminars, that they could help consumers get out of debt and pay off their mortgages in less than 10 years. The infomercials primarily ran on talk radio stations.

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Under the terms of the consent decree, Burke is prevented from:

Defendants are permanently enjoined from providing, performing, selling, marketing, or advertising: (i) debt consolidation, (ii) debt elimination, (iii) credit repair, (iv) debt settlement; and (v) related counseling, in efforts to obtain money directly from consumers.

Defendants are permanently enjoined from publishing, broadcasting, distributing or disseminating any information, including written, oral, or video, relating to debt elimination, debt management, debt settlement, debt counseling, wealth-building or credit repair services or products offered or provided to consumers in efforts to obtain money directly from consumers. – Source


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8 thoughts on “Dave Burke and Real Talk Network Get Put Out of Business by Colorado AG”

      • I have received 3 emails in the past week to sign up for programs with Dave Burke.  I marked them as junk and deleted them.  The subject line indicated that these new programs were free of charge.  I’m pretty skeptical, based on his past deceptive practices.  There’s got to be something in it for him.  Why else would he be so persistent?

  1. Where can one go to find out who else was connected with this Dave Burke’s scam? There is a guy out here in Califonia that was apart of this deceptive scam with him or his company-

  2. I read an article from your Get Out Of Dept post from 7/29/11 regarding the State of Colorado Judgement against Steve Burke and Real Talk Network. It was stated in that article Steve (Real Talk) was ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution to customers. I would like to if and how I can get the fee I paid to Real Talk. Do you have any information to that end?


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