Is It True That My Debt Gets Erased Because I Was in Prison? – Laurie

“Dear Damon,

I just spend the last 18 months in prison…I have a ton of debt now because there was no one to help me on the outside.

I’ve been told that my debt is erased when incarcerated…is this true. If so how do I go about clearing my financial obligations….I don’t want or need any old problems creeping up on me.

Thank you


Hello Laurie,

I am not sure who told you that your financial obligations are wiped clear if you go to jail. What you will need to do is pull a current copy of your credit report and get an idea of to whom you owe what, and then go from there. If the debt is something that is not possible for you to settle given that you were in prison for 18 months, then you will likely want to look into filing for bankruptcy and getting a fresh start.

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