How to Get Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven if You Go to Prison

I Heard My Federal Student Loans Could be Eliminated Because I Was in Prison

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a halfway house nearing the end of my federal incarceration. I will have completed ten years and four months. I have been looking at info on having my student loans written off. I’m working on getting the information I need, but can this still work? Was I supposed to do … Read more

I Was in State Prison and Wonder if I Can Get My Student Loans Forgiven

Question: Dear Steve, I was in prison for about 3 years and I was wondering about student loan forgiveness for State prisoners. I read your article about student loan forgiveness for prisoners and you basically only mentioned it to be for federal prisoners. But would it apply to State prisoners as well? Kendra Answer: Dear … Read more

What Advice Should I Give My Prison Pen Pal About Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, My prison pen pal has been incarcerated since 1998, and will probably serve another 6 years. He took out Perkins Loans and a private college loan for the one year he was in college before he was incarcerated. He wants to know the status of these loans and/or how to get them … Read more

Debt Settlement Providers Pocketed Money, Got Prison

Houstonian Nathaniel Chilo, aka Nathaniel O’Neil, 23, now convicted in two separate debt relief scams, has been sentenced to prison again, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today. Chilo entered a plea of guilty to wire fraud in relation to this case Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012. Today, U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal, who accepted … Read more

In Prison and Got Out With Bad Credit. What Now? – Ricky

“Dear Steve, I retired as a Department of Defense Fire Chief – retired early to try and save a marriage – didn’t work – started drinking – 3 DUI’s – went to prison for 4 years – I’m 47 years young. I recently got home and ran my credit report – numerous accounts were added … Read more

Nearly $700,000 and 27 Months Jail Due From Texas Energy Company Bookkeeper for Embezzlement

More than $659,000 was embezzled by Constance Bexley Iwanski, a Texas energy company bookkeeper. Iwanski will face up to 27 months in federal prison and be required to pay the company their money back. Iwanski had been with the company for 31 years and had been solely in charge of the books for 17 years. … Read more

My Son is in Prison and Interested in the Debt Settlement Commercials He Sees. – Carolina

“Dear Steve, My son has a credit card balance of $17,000. He is in prison and we have been paying $300/month on his card. He has asked us to stop paying, and to find some other way to reduce the balance. He has seen commercials on TV of companies that do that. Should we just … Read more