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Debt Settlement Providers Pocketed Money, Got Prison

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Houstonian Nathaniel Chilo, aka Nathaniel O’Neil, 23, now convicted in two separate debt relief scams, has been sentenced to prison again, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today. Chilo entered a plea of guilty to wire fraud in relation to this case Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012. Today, U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal, who accepted the guilty plea, handed Chilo ... Read More »

    My Father Went to Prison With Debt. – Brenton

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    “Dear Steve, My name is Brenton and my mom is going through a tough time and needs help. My father has 2 credit cards that need to be repaid but he went to prison for 2 years. The credit cards are in his name not my mothers. But now since he is in prison they are trying to get my ... Read More »

      In Prison and Got Out With Bad Credit. What Now? – Ricky

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      “Dear Steve, I retired as a Department of Defense Fire Chief – retired early to try and save a marriage – didn’t work – started drinking – 3 DUI’s – went to prison for 4 years – I’m 47 years young. I recently got home and ran my credit report – numerous accounts were added to my report and are ... Read More »

        Is It True That My Debt Gets Erased Because I Was in Prison? – Laurie

        “Dear Damon, I just spend the last 18 months in prison…I have a ton of debt now because there was no one to help me on the outside. I’ve been told that my debt is erased when incarcerated…is this true. If so how do I go about clearing my financial obligations….I don’t want or need any old problems creeping up ... Read More »

          I’m in Prison for 35 Years. How Do I Repay My Student Loan? – Kay

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          “Dear Steve, I met with a young woman I have written to in prison for eleven years on Monday. She has a student loan that has gone to collection and is accruing 5% interest annually. Do you know of any options for someone who earns just $600 annually? Her sentence is another 35 years and she has no other options ... Read More »

            Nearly $700,000 and 27 Months Jail Due From Texas Energy Company Bookkeeper for Embezzlement

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            More than $659,000 was embezzled by Constance Bexley Iwanski, a Texas energy company bookkeeper. Iwanski will face up to 27 months in federal prison and be required to pay the company their money back. Iwanski had been with the company for 31 years and had been solely in charge of the books for 17 years. Between December 2002 and December ... Read More »

              My Son is in Prison and Interested in the Debt Settlement Commercials He Sees. – Carolina

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              “Dear Steve, My son has a credit card balance of $17,000. He is in prison and we have been paying $300/month on his card. He has asked us to stop paying, and to find some other way to reduce the balance. He has seen commercials on TV of companies that do that. Should we just default on the balance? Should ... Read More »

                I am on a Visit Visa in UAE and Have Lots of Debt. What Can I Do? – Rina

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                Rina “Dear Steve, I am currently on visit visa here in UAE as i have resigned salary from my previous job and got my employment visa cancelled as I got a better employment offer from another company but unfortunately it took them more than three months to start the employment visa processing. Leaving my old job, they asked me to ... Read More »

                  My Husband in Prison Wants Me to Get a Credit Card in His Name. – Anya

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband is in prison and he was telling me that I can get a credit card in his name. Is this possible? Would I have to get power of attorney? If so, how do I obtain that? Anya” Dear Anya, That is a horribly bad idea. If you apply in his name without a specific power of ... Read More »

                    I Cosigned for My Dad And He Went to Jail Out of the Country in in Canada. – Jenn

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                    “Dear Steve, I’m 22 and last year I was told I had to sign my Dad’s lease or move out. So I signed it as a cosigner. My Dad was incarcerated out of the country *in Canada* several months later. At the time I couldn’t afford to pay 2 months rent to get out of the lease and within days ... Read More »

                      My Husband Went to Prison and I Can’t Afford the Bills

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband of 19 years went to prison,I was left to manage all debts,mortgage with less than half the income. I refinanced to keep going with my smaller income.I had to refinance again to pay an attorney for my husband,he got 14 years. we are in the process of a divorce,I don’t want this house,the property/deed is in ... Read More »

                        I Was Sentenced to Prison For My Debt in Dubai. – Asif

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                        Asif “Dear Steve, Hi I have a loan in a local bank in Dubai and due to some overdue they filed a case against me and i was taken to the police custody and i came out by depositing my passport, after that i was called to the dubai courts for first hearing and i was sentenced for a 1 ... Read More »

                          I Was Attacked and My Wife Left Me With the Kids. – Kenny

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                          Kenny “Dear Steve, OK, I have 40,000. in credit card debt, a year in a half ago I got assaulted and have been thru 9 surgeries with at least 3 to go. I’m a single male and have raised my 2 kids ages 17, 21 on my own. I’ve made it through a divorce and the operations still maintaining my ... Read More »

                            I Was in Jail for 7 Months And Now Behind on Credit Cards. – John

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                            “Dear Steve, NOT WORKING MUCH SUB-CONTRACTOR. DELINQUENT 1 1/2 YEARS ON CREDIT CARDS. WAS INCARCERATED ABOUT A TOTAL OF 7 MO. ABOUT 10-12,000 TOTAL CREDIT CARD DEBT. NO ASSESTS WHAT IS BEST APPROACH. BANKRUPTCY DEBT CONSOLIDATION?? John”   Dear John, Being incarcerated never seems to help your credit or debt situation. Over the years I’ve talked with and helped many ... Read More »

                              I Go to Prison and Talk to Bob and Angel Behind Bars About Life, Credit, and Debt


                              So life is hard, tough and difficult. Dealing with debt collectors is stressful and often feels like we just can’t deal with yet another collection call or difficulty in life. Hell, there is so much crap we all have to deal with in a standard week that it often feels like the hurdles are too high, the obstacles, too many. ... Read More »

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