Precision Law Center Fake Mailer Takes a New Twist

I’ve previously covered a number of mailers that are being sent out by purported law groups to find new customers to join their heavily marketed and yet unproven mass tort or mass joinder lawsuits against mortgage lenders.

These mailers lead to a salesperson selling the receipient access to a lawsuit that may or may not benefit them for an advanced fee of up to $5,000.

Warnings about this approach have been issued by the BBB, the States of California and Washington, and me.

Today a tipster (send in your tips here) sent me in another copy of a fake government looking for that is labeled as a Form 52PLL-T. You can see a bunch more of these here.

The form today was sent to a resident of Arizona and it contains the usual claims:

  • Interest Rate Reduction
  • Forgiveness of Past Due Payments
  • Principle Balance Reduction

    But the twist on the mailer is it includes a link to a website tort and a personalized URL.

    This website tort isn’t even owned by the law firm. People that enter into the site are actually giving their information over to the site owner Lynette Bennett, Synergy Direct Response, 130 E Alton Ave, Santa Ana, California 92707. The site was just registered on May 10, 2011.

    The URL leads to the page below.

    What is funny is that no matter how you answer the questions on the first page, it always leads to the second page. Even if you answer the questions that you have no hardship.

    I am a firm believer in good legal advice and assistance but this fake looking government form and fake qualifying website only cheapen any benefit a consumer may receive. On top of that there is serious concern the marketing is not in accordance with the California Bar rules. You’ve got to ask yourself, why result to such trickery and deception to sell bonafide legal services?

    Even the tipster (send in your tips here) that received this form found it dubious.

    I did not give them money because I knew it was fraudulent when they were so invasive about what the terms were to qualify for the litigation lawsuit. The operator just stated fraud in my loan documents.

    If you receive a similar mailer the California Bar wants to hear from you, click here.

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    1. PLEASE READ!  I am seeking legal action against Precision Law Center and
      their contracted law firm Assurity law group for fraudulent
      representation. Please contact me if you have also been scammed by these
      groups so that you can also get your money back. We paid Assurity AKA
      PLC a large amount of money to join the “litigation” against Chase and
      Bank of America. They assured us a modification and restoration of
      credit. This was back in July. They have not answered our phone calls
      since and they have not filed any of the paperwork they were contracted
      to and our homes (2 homes) are now in foreclosure!  They even went as
      far as sending us documentation that made it appear they were pursuing a
      litigation and filed a lis pendens, but when my attorney looked into
      it, they actually didn’t file anything….these were fake documents
      meant to appear that they were fulfilling their contractual agreement.
      They also fraudulently filed a cease and desist to our bank so that we
      weren’t getting any communication from our bank and assured us that
      their retainer fee included the account management of ongoing
      communications with our bank as our legal counsel. They have not had any
      communication with our bank. I have called these people every day since
      July and have got no response. Brian Lakhany, Mike Eeg, and numerous
      others who are the said responsible parties at both law firms have
      denied agreeing to settle this so action needs to be taken. I am even in
      contact with John Palmer who is the said legal counsel for PLC and he
      has gone on record to say that he has not had any affiliation with PLC
      since early last year when he was contracted to help them draft the
      initial litigation case. This means that PLC has no legal counsel that
      is registered with the California State Bar. An investigator from the
      state bar is also working with us on this case and his name is Thomas

      If you have had a similar experience, please know that
      there is recovery available and justice will be served to us that have
      been misrepresented by these groups. 

      Please email me at [email protected]


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