The Bankruptcy Trustee Keeps Losing My Documents. – Rosana

“Dear Lewis,

I have a personnal bankruptcy already in progress. The trustee keeps losing my documents and I am tired of the whole thing. I don’t have any assets. No house, car. or income. I am recently separated from my husband. SO I would rather every one sue me as I don’t have any money anyway.

Can i cancel my bankruptcy already in progress


Dear Rosana,

If it is a chapter 7, no you have no absolute right to cancel your chapter 7. In most jurisdictions, you do have the right to cancel your chapter 13 case.

Are you sure it is the trustee who is losing your documents, or an attorney handling your case?

If it is the trustee, I would send the documents (by certified mail, return receipt) one last time. If the trustee claims they are lost again, I would ask for a hearing in front of the judge and show proof that you sent the documents.

You are so close to being done with the bankruptcy, it would be a shame to quit now.

Good luck!

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