Roundup of Personal Finance Articles

Here is this weeks roundup of personal finance articles.

Improve Credit

From All About Living With Life – 7 Effective Ways to Manage Your Debt and Boost Your Credit Worthiness – Some good sound tips that are simple to implement to help improve your future credit potential.

Avoiding Debt

From Deliver Away Debt – 10 Terrific Tips to Help You Stay Out of Credit Card Debt – More smart things you can do to help avoid the buildup of surprise debt.

From Living Debt Free – Living Debt Free – A look at what life is like when you can manage to live free of debt.

From Frugal Beautiful – Frugal Beauty: Surviving Without the Nail Salon – Some inexpensive options on how to pamper yourself beautiful while cutting back on the cost. A very nice site by the way.

From Smart on Money – What Are Some Reasons That You Overspend? Addressing The Root Causes Of Our Debt – A look at some of the underlying factors that can unconsciously lead us into debt. Awareness equals power.

From Bible Money matters – Financial Heat Wave: 5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer On A Budget – When you’re digging out of debt, it pays to be frugal with your summer activities. Here are 5 frugal ways to beat the heat when you’re digging out of debt. Basement movie night is so smart.

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From Credit, Eh – Interest Rates Could Rise Soon: Now is the Time to Borrow Smart – From our North American friends in Canada this post considers how to be smart with your debt to cut down the future cost.

Getting Out of Debt

From One Money Design – DebtGoal Review: Do-It-Yourself Debt Payment Plan – A review of one of the online tools available to help you develop a plan and dig out of debt.

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From CESI Debt Solutions – How Does Credit Counseling Work? – Tracy breaks down the process of credit counseling and answers some common questions about it.

Improving Life

From Debt Free Adventure – Learning To Dream Again – An excellent look at what it can mean to follow your heart and do what you want to do in life. I think Matt is going to have some great future posts about this journey that he and his wife are now on together.

Making Money

From The Penny Hoarder – How to Rent Your Car Out for $10/Hour – The site promises to give readers “wacky ways to make money” and it delivers. Some of the most clever articles I’ve read recently have come from this site. I’m always anxious to see the next article and see what Kyle has come up with. This weeks article is not a disappointment.

From Money Q&A – Why Paying Off PMI Is A Great Return On Your Investment – While this is not exactly about making money, paying off your mortgage to the point where you won’t have to pay for PMI anymore is a great way to put extra cash in your pocket each month so I’m counting that as making money.

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