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I was referred by a “friend” to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution (LHDR). I had an employee who stole a large amount from me using my charge cards. A forensic accountant meet with her, obtained a hand written, signed confession from her. She made arrangements to make payments to me, which were not enough to cover the monthly amount, but prosecution wouldn’t have provided any relief (as per the forensic accountant). My income was greatly diminished due to the economy and I was certain I could no longer make the minimum payments which were not moving me forward toward being debt free.

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LHDR seemed a viable alternative, considering the credit card companies were unwilling to make any arrangements to help.

I was promised many things, including a minimum reduction of my debt to 1/4 it’s current amount. There was a required recorded conversation, which I participated in, but it ran out before a required statement was to be read to me (this was shared with me by the agent for LHDR who paniced when he didn’t get the statement in). He mentioned to me they apparantly didn’t listen to the whole tape, and processed it without the “statement”. Would that be a way out of the contract?

I can not file bankruptcy or have lawsuits because having my name drug through court, or in the paper would end my business relationships with clients.

Any suggestions?


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