The Finance Company Never Picked Up the Motorcycles After My Bankruptcy. – Richard

“Dear Lewis,

I filed bankruptcy late last year and the chapter 7 I filed is over with and I received the final paper where it is discharged. I live in Ky. And I had three motorcycles that I filed on among other stuff. One finance company came and got their motorcycle at the beginning of bankrupty but the other two haven’t done anything, no response at all period. I wrote the other two finance companies but they haven’t responded in anyway at all. I asked them to release the liens or do something as they weren’t worth a lot to me or them either way in the shape they are in. They are 2007 Yamahas but in poor shape. I have the taxes coming up on them soon and if they don’t come and get them I will be responsible for the taxes. Which I am still stressed financially.

My question is what should I do with the motorcycles and the taxes coming up? If they remain in my posession can I charge storage on them?


Dear Richard,

I doubt you can charge storage for the “surrendered” motorcycles.

Who is the bank? Is there a local branch for the bank that loaned the money on the motorcycles? If so, drive them to the bank, park them in the parking lot, walk inside, and hand the keys to the branch manager. Get a receipt and take pictures of the condition of the motorcycle as it sits in the parking lot.

Obviously do not drive them unless they are tagged and insured. But if the tag renewal is coming up, I would consider turning in the tags to you don’t have to pay the cost of renewal.

Good luck!

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