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Motorcycle Financing Company Wants More for Late Payment Interest. – Bill

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have had a loan through the manufactuer of my motorcycle, the question is it is now the end of the loan term and they told me that I still owe $2000 because of late payments over the term of the loan. I took advantage of there loan modification 3 times in 7 years because of my financial ... Read More »

    A Guy is Trying to Sell Me a Motorcycle But Can’t Find Out How to Get The Lien Released. – Gilbert

    “Dear Mitch, trying to purchase a motorcycle I am trying to buy a motorcycle that has a lien on it from Household Retail Services, the guy tells me they have been bought out, he tells me the bike is payed off, but he cant find out how to get the lien released, if i buy it without this being done ... Read More »

      The Finance Company Never Picked Up the Motorcycles After My Bankruptcy. – Richard

      “Dear Lewis, I filed bankruptcy late last year and the chapter 7 I filed is over with and I received the final paper where it is discharged. I live in Ky. And I had three motorcycles that I filed on among other stuff. One finance company came and got their motorcycle at the beginning of bankrupty but the other two ... Read More »

        The Repo Man Took My Motorcycle and Sold It. – Shelby

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        “Dear Steve, I had a motocycle, never missed a payment for 2 years. Lost my job and I am getting unemployment. I got 2 months behind on my bike payments and the repo man got the bike. The bike was sold in auctiion and I am being sued for the difference. I received a judgement against me and they put ... Read More »

          Another Exhausting and Sore Lesson in Enjoying Life

          Pilot Mountain, NC

          Being in debt can be all consuming. It feels like it chokes out the sun, postpones anything possibly good and muffles all laughter. But even in the face of financial troubles it is important to remember to keep on living, looking for anything positive to celebrate and embrace life while you can. My advice on how to do this is ... Read More »

            2003 Backroads of American Debt – Day 3

            Ready to Collapse

            Day three brought more weather surprises but also a great pair of back-to-back- interviews from people that were very honest about how they handle money. The first couple was retired and had not planed for retirement until just five years earlier and had never looked at their credit report. They trusted their banker to watch over them. The second interview ... Read More »

              2003 Backroads of American Debt – Day 2

              Ready to Collapse

              Here is day two of the backroads debt trip. While I managed to survive the switchback West Virginia mountain roads in the dark the night before. Day two started with a big surprise, you’ll see. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

                2003 Backroads of American Debt – Day 1

                Ready to Collapse

                In 2003 a small team and I traveled across America from Maryland to California to talk to people about money. credit, and debt. After making the trip, before the tapes were able to be professionally edited, my life and the non-profit group I founded changed dramatically and the tapes never made the light of day. It was on this trip ... Read More »

                  How to Find Joy in the Midst of Financial Troubles. For Me, it is a Camera or a Motorcycle.

                  Ready to Collapse

                  In the past I’ve written about how important it is to not let your debt situation ruin your life. See “Don’t Let Your Debt Consume Your Life. Take Advantage of Free Beauty Around You.” Today I wanted to share with you another love in my life, my Suzuki Burgman motorcycle. I love to ride and if you already own a ... Read More »

                    Looks Like I’m Going to Finish That Motorcycle Trip to Key West


                    Last month Pam and I had grand plans to ride our motorcycle from Raleigh, NC to Key West, FL and have a grand adventure along the way. Well, that was the plan. Pam and I before we got really sick on the trip. Our trusty bike in the rain at South of the Border. We set off and by the ... Read More »

                      http://twitpic.com/qta89 Feet down in Orlando. Amazing motorcycle ride today from Savannah.

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                      getoutofdebtguy: Feet down in Orlando. Amazing motorcycle ride today from Savannah. Read More »

                        http://twitpic.com/qmjwt Packing up the motorcycle to head out on 2,000 mile adventure. Raining. Rats.

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                        getoutofdebtguy: Packing up the motorcycle to head out on 2,000 mile adventure. Raining. Rats. Read More »

                          Soon Off On Another Big Motorcycle Adventure

                          Honda Gold Wing

                          Working from home like I do has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side I have a sweet commute and no office B.S. to deal with. Oh yes, I can also sleep as late as I want. Yesterday I slept till 11. Sweet! But generally it is up and at the desk at 8 AM. On the negative side ... Read More »

                            http://twitpic.com/omvvf Just pulled up on the motorcycle in Mayberry RFD, Mt Airy, NC

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                            getoutofdebtguy: Just pulled up on the motorcycle in Mayberry RFD, Mt Airy, NC Read More »

                              I Financed a New Demo Motorcycle Yesterday Even Though I Went Bankrupt.


                              Yesterday, Pam and I decided that we wanted to buy a new motorcycle that had been the 2008 dealer demo and only had a few hundred miles on it. We decided to buy a 2008 Honda Goldwing, a big touring bike but an awesome ride. We have some trips coming up that we are going to love riding it on. ... Read More »

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