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Avoid Precision Law Center. Appears to Be Intentionally Misleading People.

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in communications regarding the sales pitch she received from Precision Law Center that is, make that now, was trying to sell her into a mass joinder, or a “Tort Litigation Lawsuit” as they like to call it.

This mass joinder mess works like this. Marketing outfits get consumers to pay $5,000 to $7,000 to become a participant in a lawsuit against their mortgage company. The claim is that the consumer will win money and a lower mortgage.

Precision Law Center didn’t like all the bad press that the mass joinder movement was getting so they decided to changed the description of their actions to “tort litigation.” That’s fine. You can put a different bow on it but it’s still the same pile of, well, you know.

So the reader has forwarded me emails that clearly show the staff at Precision Law Center either don’t know who their lawyer is or they are intentionally misrepresenting his participation in their scheme.

The email the reader received said:

“I appreciate your concerns, our lead litigator John Lynner Palmer, Bar # 206981. This is a TORT litigation lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles County Courts. Attached are several banks that we have filed suit against. Please go into our web site to see the cases filed?”

The website for Precision Law Center even shows John Palmer is the entire attorney staff. – Source

Seems to me they are clearly pushing this John Palmer, Esq. as their lead guy. He’s the only one listed.

So imagine the readers surprise when she reaches out to attorney Palmer to confirm his participation.

The email to Palmer said:

“Hello Mr. Palmer,

I wanted to contact you to confirm your participation as the lead litigator for the Precision Law Center’s mass joinder lawsuit against several mortgage banks as asserted by the Precision Law Center below. I wanted to confirm the company’s legitimacy given the CA Dept of Real Estate’s recent issuance of consumer alert warnings regarding these types of cases. If you are indeed involved, your confirmation would be greatly appreciated as my family is considering joining the Class Action lawsuit-

Thank you so much.
Sincerely yours,”

A very nice, smart, and intelligent email to send. Now there is a consumer who is doing their homework.

John Palmer Responds

From Palmers response it looks like he was caught off guard by the antics of Precision Law Center. He tells the consumer:

No, I am not the lead litigator and the PLC staff knows that. I have my own firm and I do not own PLC. PLC hired me to do some legal work for the firm but I am not handling the cases and I am not representing the clients. I am sorry that they misinformed you.

John L. Palmer

Did you get that, the attorney that Precision Law Center promotes on their own website says:

Precision Law Center Not a Law Office

A couple of days ago a commenter revealed an interesting fact. It appears Precision Law Center is not owned by an attorney or a law office at all.

The commenter says:

“Anyone who recives a packet should report PLC to the California Bar and Attorney General immediately. They should also report it in their home state sice they are also practicing law illegally in your state. The packets sent out claims that the mortgage provider violated federal law. (Even a real lawyer would not be able to assess such simply based on local government public mortgage records, which is how they got your name and info) This constitutes rendering a legal decision, practicing law. Moreover they are asking you to let them represent you which clearly means practicing law.

PLC is not a valid law firm. It is an ordinary corporation. In California only a Law Corporation can practice law. A Law Corporation is a corporation that is registered by the California Bar. In order to qualify for registration the shareholders and officers of the corporation all must be licensed lawyers. I contacted the California Bar and learned that PLC is not a law Corporation.

Indeed PLC stated to me over the phone that its managing Director is Sammy Lakhany. Sammy Lakhany’s email address was also used to register the PLC Website. Sammy Lakhany is not a lawyer and can’t legally own interest in or be an office rin a law corporation, he is a fraudster of such fame as Fidelity Legal Services:”

Sammy Lakhany

And sure enough Sammy Lakhany is the email address used to register the Precision Law Center domain. It is registered to [email protected] under the name Roy Barnhart at 15061 Springdale St, Suite 206, Huntington Beach, California 92649.

That email address is used for the following registrations:


If we look at the email address [email protected] is actually said to be:

Registrant Name:SAMMY LAKHANY
Registrant Organization:FIDELITY LEGAL SERVICES
Registrant Street1:655 S MAIN ST
Registrant City:ORANGE
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:92868

The site has the same contact information for that email address. I’m going with Sammy Lakhany also owns the Precision Law Center domain and controls it’s website and information.

By the way, the Fidelity Legal Services Network website lists their address as 1651 East Edinger Suite 102, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 800-486-2207.

Fidelity Legal Services Network is the same company that the State of Washington went after in their action against Fidelity Legal Services Network and Sammy Lakhany in which restitution was ordered to be paid.

The charge in that action were that Lakhany was acting as an unlicensed mortgage broker in Washington. – Source

Precision Law Center: Deceptive & Misleading Consumers

The Precision law Center website shows a list of cases on their home page they claim to have filed. I took a look at the first case on the list. Ann Easley v. Bank of America, or at least the court filing as they show it. – Source

According to State of California corporate records Precision Law Center is not a professional law corporation and was only just registered to do business on April 22, 2011.

But then there is this second registration for Precision Law Center, Inc in June of 2011.

So how did Precision Law Center file this complaint on April 1, 2011 before they were authorized to do business in California until April 22, 2011?

And more importantly, why is the case as displayed on the Precision Law Center site deceptively missing critical information about the attorney that really and actually filed it?

Precision Law Center Version

They have clearly deleted the actual attorney information from the document Precision Law Center shows on their website.

Offical Court Version

So the copy presented to consumers that shows Precision Law Center filed the case is not accurate at all. The case was actually filed by Christopher Persaud, Esq. – Source

They even did the same thing at the end of the document they show as well.

Precision Law Center Version

The consumer is not shown the actual document. The attorney information has been deleted.

Offical Court Version

And since this case was removed to Federal Court on may 16, 2011, there has been no evidence of Christopher Persaud, Esq. filing or responding to any action filed in this case. I wonder if he’s still involved?

Christopher Persaud

It begs to ask why the actual attorney that filed the case Precision Law Center claims is Christopher Persaud and they erase his name and they don’t even list him on their attorney page, They instead list John Palmer.

Hell, Persaud doesn’t even list the fact he is with Precision Law Center with his Bar record, he says he is in private practice.

The Better Business Bureau gives The Law Office of Christopher Persaud an F rating.

The BBB has even issued the following alert to consumers.

Although our files show disconnected phone numbers, returned mail or both at some of the addresses or contact information on file, this company is not out of business. On May 13, 2010 we were able to verify with the company that they were no longer operating from thier Corona location, but were still conducting business at the Downey address which is the address record of the California Bar Association. Law Offices of Christopher Persaud 8069 Florence Ave Downey, CA 90240 Phone Number (562) 334-1500 The current website displays: 18 Technology Drive Suite 110 Irvine CA, 92618. Phone: 800-884-1209 or 818 437-6820 direct Fax: 800-458-1735

The BBB further cautions consumers by saying:

“Complainants allege unfulfilled contracts, failure to honor their money back guarantee, and inability to obtain refunds when the company fails to provide modifications.

Other customers complain that their financial hardships escalate due to months of waiting in expectation of loan modifications that do not materialize.

Some report losing their homes due to excessive waiting periods for services to be provided.

Other clients complain that lenders refuse their modifications, however the company repeatedly re-submits requests in lieu of issuing refunds as agreed.

Most recent complainants report the company is no longer operating from addresses or phone numbers provided, and they have been unable to reach anyone by phone or email.

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The company responds to some complaints by disputing that services were not provided, or that the company failed to contact clients on the status of their cases.

In some cases the company did agree to a refund or partial refund, however, some complainants contend the company failed to issue the refund as agreed. Some complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate.” – Source

Is There Any Truth At All?

Precision Law Center has been a problem from the day they first started selling their wares to consumers. I feel most sorry for the consumers that have bought into the program based on misleading and deceptive information.

You can find more past articles about Precision Law Center here, including retainer reviews and examples of deceptive marketing.

To any consumer that is considering paying Precision Law Center any money for any reason I issue my strongest warning – Don’t Do It. Run Away!

I’ve got a pretty good radar for bad things and Precision Law Center is setting off all my bells and whistles. This is not going to end well for Precision Law Center, the attorneys that have associated themselves with PLC and most especially the consumers that paid good money and will most likely receive little return from that sacrifice.

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About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Like an avalanche, these deceptive attorney models are sliding down hill fast!!  Active Debt Solutions stands by its commitment to assist consumers who have been harmed and stranded by any “attorney model” company at a drastically reduced fee. [email protected]

  • YES! A COMPLETE SCAM…I joined the mass tort back in May of 2011 and just a few days ago I decided to check the case on the LA Superior Court site and found that  mine and 58 other peoples case was dismissed for Lack of Prosecution.  Another note stated that on 2/9/2012, Christopher Persaud failed to show.  Since that I can’t get through to PLC, please if anyone is reading this that is considering PLC, DO NOT DO IT!!!  I’m $4,500 out and I really don’t know what to do right now. 

    • I, too am frightened that I may have been horribly scammed.  $5K for the retainer (in 4 pymnts) & they had talked me into paying that instead of mortgage payments for Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec .  My BIG issue is right  now, how do I find out if I have a Lawsuit against Wells Fargo?  No one will speak to me; not PLC or Wells Fargo. They don’t return my calls and as of Dec. 2011, the PLC Customer/Client Online Helpdesk webpage has been out of service.  In Nov. 2011, we decided we had better also seek payment help from Wells Fargo’s Payment Assist program through their Home Preservation Dept; Rick Money.  In Dec 2011, our Wells Fargo Statement included the 1st warning about late payments, late fees and a request that we make a payment.  When I  tried to make the payment online on the Wells Fargo website, our account status state that we were no longer set up to make online payments.  I called Rick Money to let him know and he said that we didn’t need to be concerned about that.  Since then, we have received a Foreclosure and Sale Date document; 1st certified mail and then regular mail.  Rick says that our RMA is with Underwriting and that any Foreclosure or Sale dates would be pushed out as we await Underwriting’s determination.  I am disturbed that Rick hasn’t replied to my calls which would give us some peace of mind at least.  PLC have not returned calls.  I was able to reach John Palmer Esq today and although he does not work with PLC any longer or handle any of their legal work, he gave me SAMMY LAKHANY’s number (714-351-1127) & his PLC email account:  [email protected].  I called the phone# and there is a greeting message asking for a 10 digit phone# and calls it a Umail Account.  Of course, none of my phone#’s work.  Does anyone know How do I go about getting a Umail account?  Most important, can anyone tell me how to determine whether or not PLC are representing me in their Tort Litigation case against Wells Fargo?  Also, who is my Attorney?

      •  You, like me, have two issues going on.  First and foremost is dealing with Wells Fargo to save your home and all you have invested into it.  Second is dealing with the situation with Precision Law. 

        I am in the process of submitting my 15th set of loan modification documents to America’s Servicing Company (Wells Fargo), due this Friday.  I have been denied a modification 14 times! only to have them request documentation all over again.  They did offer me a modification (my interest rate was at 12.125%, now 8.5%) 2 years ago that was 68% of my monthly household  income.  I am hopeful (always the optimist) that now the the AG’s have come to some settlement that may help and I understand the HAMP guidelines have made it more attractive for Wells Fargo to modify loans.  It seems like a crap shoot to me.  I have hired two different “loan advocates” (another 11 grand) to have them drop the ball repeatedly.  I honestly don’t know who to believe anymore. 

        As far as Precision Law goes, there is a page here on the Getoutofdebt site that has a detailed list of how to file complaints.  I am so disappointed that I am not part of a suit as I was undeniably a victim of predatory lending on so many levels.  I really don’t know what my next move is. 

        Perhaps someone here can offer some sage advice on who to trust to help us resolve these issues so that we can both get some quality of life back. 

        • I can no longer find PLC’s website.  Have they closed their doors? Their 800# and Fax# are constantly BUSY for maybe 4 days by now.  The last conversation I had with Paula Martinez was regarding Stopping the Foreclosure.  She was requesting a huge long list of docs which by now, are too late in the show.  I asked her what the next step is after she gets the docs because the Sale Date is 5/21/2012.  She said they won’t be able to get the loan data from the lender until 1 to 2 days just before that sale date.  I had already requested the Quote of what it would take to STOP the Foreclosure and rec’d it on 3/7/12.  I tried to FAX it to PLC (Paula) but the # was busy so I emailed it to she and Lois LaChat.  Lois is the one who really talked me into getting involved with PLC in the first place.  I have filed a BBB claim against PLC and am asking for my money back.  They replied saying they had sent it to PLC.  What if PLC no longer exist?  What should I do next?  So both Wells Fargo and PLC have scammed me.

          • PLC is not going to help you. They are done. Closed. Gone. Call your attorney general’s office in your state. They might be able to either help mediate a modification and possibly prevent foreclosure. What state are you in? Look into talking to your state legislators. In saving your home is what you really want to do, then turn every stone until you find some one to help you. You could try Homeowners Preservation Foundation 1-888-995-hope. You could file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency and file a complaint against Wells Fargo at 800-613-6743 and you can call the Bar Associationin your state and hire legal assistance. If you call the 888-995-hope. They can give you many avenues to follow.

          • I have talked to the very same people you have, lois and Paula . I cant get in touch with either one. They scamed us i out $5500.00 .

  • If Ron Archer’s bar page listed PLC’s address like you claim then this means he is in on the scam in some manner.  Only he could register such information with the California Bar.  Moreover, if it did list PLC he changed very recently because it now reads:

    19706 Segovia LnYorba Linda, CA 92886

     [email protected]

    If he did have it changed then there is no doubt in my mind that the reason why he had it changed is because of PLC was exposed as a fake law firm.  That is the same reason why Palmer has disavowed any connection.  Even licensed lawyers are not permitted to work through a fake law firm.  An ordinary corporation cannot contract offer legal services to clients and hire a lawyer to handle such claims claims.  Only a law corporation can do so.  Note that some of the documents PLC sends out use the following letterhead: PrecisionLaw CenterA Professional Corporation6 Hutton Center Dr.Suite 600South Coast Metro, Ca 92707 Observations: 1) It misrepresents that PLC is a professional corporation but when looking at the information filed with the Secretary of State you can see it is an ordinary corporation and this can be confirmed by contacting the CA Bar to ask whether it filed as a law corporation.  I contacted the Bar and was assured that they never registered as a law corporation 2) The address used is a virtual office center. It is in a building that rents out shared office space by the hour.  Think of it as an office time share where you can rent an office or conference room if you need one on a particular day.   3) They are so sloppy they messed up the CA abbreviation as Ca.     

  • The following are absolute facts:

    1) A law corporation must register with the California Bar.
    2) A law corporation can only do business in the name it registers with the California Bar not an alter ego.

    3) In order to qualify for registration as a law corporation, ALL shareholders and corporate officers must be active licensed attorneys

    4) Precision Law Center’s officers and shareholders are no attorneys therefore it could not register as a law corporation and I have confirmed with the California Bar that it is not regisetered as a Law Corporation

    5) Only Law Corporations can practice law in California, per case law even if licensed attorneys work for a Corporation that is not a registered law corporation then the lawyers and Corporation have no right to collect legal fees. Appellate courts have rejected the notion that clients have ot pay lawyers who work for a Corporation that is not registered properly in accordance with law.

    The fact Precision Law Center is not registered with the California Bar means they are guilty of the crime of unauthorized practice of law.  This alone is a reason to avoid them. 

    Some further facts are that the complaints on their website are fake.  The docket numbers are made up, there are no such active cases and furthermore the stmaps are made up.  The supposed clerks listed are not real court clerks.  It is all an elaborate (or rather not so elaborate for those of us who know the law) scam. 

    Anytime a real lawyer or law firm is given a retainer an accounting of how that retainer is used must be provided to the client.  Anytime someone tells you that you must pay a nonrefundable retainer and refuses to tell you where that money will go exactly, is a scam artist.

    The same fraudsters behind Precision law Center are spamming the web, including this website, by pretending to be satisfied clients.  It is all BS.

    Anytime a website of a supposed law firm doe snot list the partners showing they are established lawyers and doesn’t provide a phone number you know it is not a real law firm.

  • SCAM..Precision Law Center. The mailer form I received indicated just about the same information. I called and they made continued efforts to have me sign a contract sent by email requesting automatic withdrawals’ from my checking account. The contract did not indicate who the attorney of record was. They provided an attorney’s name verbally. I checked his name on, obtained the phone number and called him. The attorney called me back and was furious, he explicitly stated that he did some work for precision law center once and is in no way affiliated with them.

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