Bay View Law Group Added to Target List

The Scott Law Group in Washington State has just added Bay View Law Group to the list of companies they are going after.

As of today the list includes:

Alliance8, Inc

Amerix Corporation

Ascend One Corporation

Bay View Law Group, PC

CareOne Services, Inc

CDS Client Services (dba Capital Debt Settlement)

Century Negotiations, Inc.

Consumer Law Associates, LLC

Debt Relief Center, Inc.

Debt Relief USA, Inc.

Debt Shield, Inc.

DR Options LLC (dba Debt Relief Options LLC)

EFA Processing, LP

Freedom Debt Center

Freedom Debt Relief, LLC

Freedom Financial Network, LLC

Freedom Fidelity Management, Inc (dba Freedom Financial Management)

GHS Solutions, LLC

Global Client Solutions, LLC

iVista Enterprise, Inc (dba ZeroDebt USA, Inc)

JEM Group, Inc

JIO Reserves, Inc

LDL Freedom Enterprises (dba Financial Crossroads)

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC

Marshall Banks, LLC (dba Kazlow & Tucker Debt Relief)

National Legal Services Group, Inc.

Nationwide Support Services, Inc.

NoteWorld, LLC

Persels & Associates LLC

Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust

Solid Ground Financial, LLC

United One Debt Settlements, Inc

World Law Group (dba World Law Plan & World Law Direct)

If you would like additional information from the Scott Law Group you can contact them here.


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