Nationwide Financial Center – Consumer Complaint 08-19-2011

Date This Problem Happened: July 30, 2011

State You Live in: Texas

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $795

Company Name: Nationwide Financial Center

Company Address:

Website of Company: http://nationwidefinancialcenter.com/

Consumer Statement:

nationwide financial sent me a pamphlet with non-profit debt relief agency pre-qualification notice document NPDRA2011.

it had my name and estimated debt case number and estimations of debt being 16,000 and what my monthly payments would be. however my debt was 15,000 or more than was stated.

they said that i was to call them back at 1-800-901-3550 to see if i was approved. when i called the next day i talked with a female represenative and she ran my credit report and told me my debt was and asked for account numbers and payments a month on all of my creditors which were around 25. she then told me a fee of 1495.00 and i told her their was no way i could afford that fee. so she said she will charge me 795.00 which was removed from my account on 8-2-11.

she also had me to go on liine and sent me and agreement to remove funds from my account that i had to sign and date and send back her. she expain to me that some one would give me a call in a couple of days and i would have to give them all the information i had given her to them. at first my payments were going to be 779.00 but when i talked with a male from members services i would only be paying 759.00 and he was able to give me all my finance charges and what each creditor would be paid beginning 9-7-11 which was the date i set up for money to be drawn from my account.

i was told to call all my creditors and close out my accounts and let them know that member services will be paying starting in sept. and to give them the phone number if they ask. all my creditors were agreeable. i just needed to pay august payments. and that i would not have to pay creditors except for 1 creditor.

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i went and checked nation wide financial services on line with bbb and they had a A- rating. even when i called after reading the scam report they still had a A- credit rating. i talk with a female rep from members services about what i was reading and she gave me another website www.mspus.org and at that time bbb did not have any thing updated at this time i called and they said the same thing on automated services with bbb in south florida.

i assumed it was a reputable company because it had a A- Credit rating with the bbb. i am in the process of calling to see if i can get my money back. however members services assured me that nation wide only referred me to them and they were not connected. she gave me a web site www.sef.bbb.org comp I4009110. i do not want to give them any more money if they are running a scam. please reply as soon as possible by phone if you can.


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10 thoughts on “Nationwide Financial Center – Consumer Complaint 08-19-2011”

  1. My total monthly credit card payments where around $1000 and some of my cards had interest rate as high as 21%.  The credit counseling company they referred me to lowered my interest rates and the total payments including there fees work out to $698

      • I see that the Steve8 didn’t respond to your question on which counceling group …sad when they can’t follow thru. I just wanted to say thankyou ; I received the same letter, but the red flag went up when i couldn’t find any company name so i went to research the numbers/ acct/ even phone no. -didn’t show up. But thought you might like their updated phone no. this letter is expiring Oct. 12, 2011 1-888-307-0329 keep up the great investigative work. BTW mine was an offer for people with good credit. Which my husband & I have worked hard this past year to get in order to buy a house. Although it is desireable &a  goal to get out of debt, we are losing alot of $$ in interest, so i was tempted. But thank goodness for people like yourself who go out of your way to save me another heart ache. I lost over 2k on the utah group “StoresOnline” Finally settling w/ letter that they remove from my report and close acct.

        • Steve8 did raise a red flag when he/she could not support their claims. Always very suspicious. Really just a red flag amplifier,

          Looks like a group Nationwide Financial Consulting, see this report, is doing the same or similar thing.

          What concerns me now is the recent spat of pitches aimed at people who are current.

          Can you fill me in on what the sales pitch was for that or please scan the letter you got and send it to me at tips@getoutofdebt.org


  2. I have been a customer for 8 months and have been very happy with the service I have been receiving.  The company saved me over $300 a month and I should be debt free in 3 years instead of 20 years now.   I was nervous upfront signing up and was happy to see they had a refund policy.  I would suggest if you are not happy to ask for a refund otherwise I feel this company is not a scam because they performed everything they said they would do

  3. You will want to file a report against http://www.mspus.org also since they were involved in the scam also i reported nationwide financial center and mspus.  Call you Credit Card Company and dispute the charge it will be an automatic reversal.

  4. Can you post a copy of the letter you received in the mail also you would do good by filing a complaint with the bbb. I was also scammed by nationwide financial center and didn’t get my money back until I filed a complaint with the bbb.


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