Blue Tax Review. Hiding From Public. But Why?

Recently I heard from a fellow web owner at DebtorsUnite.com about a tax relief company called Blue Tax.

Apparently his article, “Can Blue Tax Really Settle My Tax Debt?,” got the attention of the Blue Tax people and they want him to take down his post or revise it.

Ken Long, who wrote the original article had said, “They make amazing claims that they can eliminate penalties and reduce your tax debt. There is a problem with their approach: some of their claims cross the line of what is considered fair advertising.”

I’d have to agree with Ken that the statements in the commercial certainly have my radar up. At the very least these blanket statements give the impression that all clients of Blue tax get these results.

If the settlement shown is not typical then in my book it would be deceptive. Blue Tax is very silent on how many consumers have received such settlements. If the settlement shown was not the average of all enrolled consumers into their service then I’d have to say the statement is misleading as well.

The other screen captures, above, from the commercial certainly give the impression that all collection calls will be stopped, and bank levies and wage garnishments will be removed for all clients. – Source

Blue Tax Television Commercial

Here is one of the commercials run by Blue Tax. – Source


Blue Tax Concerns

One area of the Blue Tax website that has me concerned is the fact they are not forthcoming about their business location. – Source

Even the contact us page does not list a physical street address, yet they want consumers to feel comfortable disclosing and sending in sensitive financial data. – Source, Source

The lack of an address sent me researching

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The Blue Tax California Corporate registration says:

Entity Name: BLUE TAX, INC.
Entity Number: C3229692
Date Filed: 09/15/2009
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 1100
Entity City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90010
Agent for Service of Process: REGISTERED AGENT SOLUTIONS, INC.
Agent Address: 1220 S ST STE 150
Agent City, State, Zip: SACRAMENTO CA 95811

But Google reports “This place is permanently closed” when you do a search for Blue Tax at that address.

So I took a look at their domain registration to see if that could give me a better address for them.

Here is what that uncovered:

Created on: 25-Sep-09

Domain is owned by:
Richard Lopez
3600 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1716
Los Angeles, California 90010

That address appears to actually belong to:

Edgardo Lopez Law Office
3600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1716
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Servicios Legales Del Abogado Edgardo Lopez
3600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1716
Los Angeles, CA 90010

R & J Legal Service
3600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1716
Los Angeles , CA 90010

I Reached Out to Blue Tax And they Refused to Give Me an Address

I reached out to Blue Tax and asked them for their physical street address. You can see the chat below.


Steve: What is your physical business address?
livehelpadmin: we are in los angeles, how can I help you?
Steve: What is the physical street address where the office is located? It’s not on your website.
livehelpadmin: sorry about caps
Steve: So I can know where you are located. It does not say on your website.
livehelpadmin: I understand that. Do you have a tax problem?
livehelpadmin: ok, good luck. Sounds like you are selling something
Steve: Actually I have an address problem. I’m trying to figure out if you are legit but you keep avoiding the very simple question.
livehelpadmin: call me on the phone, I will be happy tospeak to you.
Steve: The fact that you are unwilling to tell me where you are located makes my radar go up that you are not legit. Last chance. What’s your physical street address, please.
livehelpadmin: well, my radar is beeping “SALES GUY, SALES GUY” STay away
livehelpadmin: if you would like to speak seriously, feel free to give me a call and we can talk about your tax problem.
livehelpadmin: my instincts seem to be correct
livehelpadmin: good luck
livehelpadmin: we are not interested

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Why the Hide and Seek?

So between the over the top sales claims and the fact they are not willing to disclose where they are really located, my scam radar is going off big time.

From what I’ve seen, I’m going to have to agree with Ken Long on this one, something doesn’t appear kosher.


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44 thoughts on “Blue Tax Review. Hiding From Public. But Why?”

    • Funny Paul. I had not see that alleged Cyrus Global “press release” before. I Had been critical of debt restructuring in the past. but most particularly because no company was able to provide proof that “hedge funds” were actually buying bad debt and settling it. The offer still stands, show me a company that has settled the debt this way and their success rate.

      It’s the internet, people like you and the two links you posted are free to say what they might. I think you’ll find this page on the site addresses most of the imaginary claims they put out. See https://getoutofdebt.org//the-getoutofdebt-org-and-steve-rhode-faq/

      But you appear to be just deflecting here. What in my article was not true? I’m more than happy to correct anything in error but you haven’t pointed at anything yet.

  1. Steve,
    That was quick. Already removed it huh? Guess I hit too close to home huh chief? How do you sleep at night? You are a piece of work.

    • I have no clue what you are talking about. Your comments from the same IP address are still there, including the comments made as Mike L, Mike Lyle, Setting therecordstraight and Stevewillremovethis.

  2. Blue Tax moved to
    8236 Remmet in Canoga Park. They now operate their own 30k square feet
    building. FormerBlueTaxEmployee is a competitor because anyone that worked for
    Blue Tax would have know that they were on the 11th floor not the 10th. However,
    as always Steve Rhodes makes unsubstantiated claims and allows non verified
    sources to make comments on his site, all in hopes that people who visit will
    give their business to one of the companies that sponsor his site. Way to go
    Steve. Integrity is not your best characteristic.

  3. I used to work at Blue Tax. Their¬†old address is 3600 Wilshire¬†and the attorney that stood at that address no longer works for¬†Blue Tax.¬†They are now¬†at 3440 Wilshire Blvd. in LA. on the 11th floor (not the 10th…nice try fake “FormerBlueTaxemployee”). It’s ok for a company to grow and move to a bigger building isn’t it? They do not give their address online because then they would have¬†a line of people in the lobby wasting their time. Same reason celebrities don’t list their phone numbers. Yes, YOU may have a real¬†tax problem…but a lot of people who want to come in Don’t. They don’t qualify for services or they are just plain crazies¬† who see the commercial and want to talk to MAX.¬†The services they offer can all be handled by email/fax and phone. There is no reason for clients to come into the office except to verify they are physically real. In that case, they will discourage it but will set an appointment for you to come in if you insist. WHEN A CLIENT COMES IN, EVERYONE’S WORK STOPS. Attorney, account manager, and receptionist have to revolve their day around that client’s meeting. The attorneys and tax team are over worked. They do not have time for that. They are busy making 4-hour phone calls for hundreds of cases each, including yours! I left the company under bad circumstances, but I can’t drag their name through the mud because of a personal grudge. This company does amazing things for people…yes, not all results are typical. But that is what you are paying for. You are paying for the best in the business to TRY. Not everyone gets the results they want, but they do get the best¬†POSSIBLE result. Everyone at Blue Tax works their asses off. They stress over the whole nation’s tax debt and they change people’s lives. I admit their BBB rating does not reflect how many people ACTUALLY complain, but it also does not reflect how many positive outcomes they have reached for their clients. No company is perfect. Not even Disneyland can make every customer happy. Their press¬†releases are done by a friend of the company but they are based on actual cases. Thats just business, nothing dishonest about that.¬†IF YOU STILL HAVE A DOUBT…VISIT 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD LA 90010, 11TH FLOOR SUITE 1100.

    • Uh, they don’t want to give out their address online because they are afraid they will have a line of crazies wanting to talk to the cartoon commercial character? Max seems a little full of himself, no?

  4. I hired Blue tax THREE years ago and still NOTHING done by them, except steal my Money and close my case,(see below) I asked them to put me on paperwork and they promised by a certain date,and failed. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they sent me false paperwork that they really hadnt sent to the IRS, . Spoke with the IRS agent today, and performed Blue taxes Obligation myself.. Although Blue Tax claims that they put me on the paperwork as requested on 7/30/12 the IRS advised that they did NOT submit this paperwork, period., and I completed this task via telephone with them personally (another job Blue Tax was required to perform on my account). Blue Tax, again, has lied about taking care of the job to which they said that they will do, in order to “TRICK” me to remove my complaint with the BBB In the meantime my phone is being blown up by TL, VP of Blue Tax, demanding and threatening me to remove my complaint against the company with the BBB. I knew he lied about filing with the IRS so I asked him this:As promised from you, I want the IRS agents name and ID number to which confirmed that I am PLACED on a Hardship.You promised via telephone to produce this information . As you said it would be included with the Hardship document sent to me via email, but again, it was not. We will talk after I obtain this information, to which you promised.
    The following is his response, (this kind of mentality is what you constantly deal with regarding this egregious company:)TL VP of Blue tax responded by saying: That there was no such promise. He expressed that my fabrication of events and deceit continue to cloud my judgement of events and time lines.He expressed that I lied to us about being married and about the piece of property He expressed Blue Tax will no longer be held hostage to lies, bi polar personality, and verbal assaults laced with blasphemy and profanity. He said I may want to seek a small animal or child to whom may be defenseless against your attacks to pick on, but Blue Tax will no longer take your abuse. Then he closed my case and stated No refund will be issued.
    He closed by stating to me that he knows that I mentioned that you don’t believe in god,( false) but as a god fearing company, we pray for your soul. It may be time to seek him and turn your life around
    To TL VP of Blue TaxI have asked your company not to have you contact me due to your unprofessionalism. You have not called me four times. You have attempted to bombard my phone with your calls, which are only continual rantings, along with personal jabs, to which I find harassing. Currently, you do not have the opportunity to conduct yourself in this manner on my voicemail.as I have had it turned off, to alleviate myself from your harassment. … but now , after speaking with the IRS, I see there is attempted deception put into play concerning my account, in addition all of the above concerning your psyche.
    My husband has nothing to do with this, and I see you searched out his cell phone number and contacted him and also attempted to contact him on two occasions. I did not sign a statement with your company stating that you could contact or involve him in my tax matter. We were not married at the (LONG) time ago that I employed your company, although you insist that I was.
    You , personally, are not to contact me or any person in relation to me via telephone. … I contacted the IRS, the paperwork that you sent me is a complete lie.. I personally took care of the job with The IRS to which you said was put IN PLACE on the 30th of July, by your company, which in reality… was not. I want a full refund from your company for noncompliance to the services to which you advertise, which to date have remained services not rendered. My complaint to the BBB justly stands, after notification from the IRS that you have not fulfilled ANY of your duties, although you claimed differently, which I see is an outright lie to me, the client
    Blue Tax is a fraudulent, irresponsible company which will lie to you for years and years. They never perform the duties to which they describe what they will do in regards to tax relief, and in the end if you are suckered into their bogus “A” rating by the BBB, you will eventually be in litigation for noncompliance to their advertised bull, seeking punitive damages and so on and so forth.File a complaint with the FTC, and sue them. Businesses like this need to be barred from this country. If you are a VICTIM of Blue Tax it is time that you file an extensive report of your dealings with them to the Los Angeles BBB and make sure their rating goes to what it should be “C’ for Criminals or “F ” for Fraudulent Failures. Do your part….. and save people from this pathetic outfit and save them from dealing with the VP. Any questions on how he… TL the VP of Blue Tax deals with his clients please review the above once again,….coveting and expressing outward and intended hostility to his clients. .

  5. I contacted Blue Tax on Aug 6, 2012. A fellow named Kevin Borenstein contact me back Aug 7. I started to explain I just needed the previous years (2011) taxes prepared (4 months late), but he interrupted me and starting to ask questions about previous years owed and how much. This wasn’t my interest so I, in my typically busy, no time to fool around ways, told him that all I wanted was 2011 taxes prepared. Suddenly he wasn’t interested. I do not think this is the type of organization I would want handling anything as sensitive as my taxes.

  6. as a former employee… i want to expose them for what they are.
    1. When you call or receive that “too good to be true” call, you will be transferred by a young male with no college education, to an even bigger moron with probably less of brain than the kid you were just on the phone with. They will tell you they are a “SENIOR TAX ADVISOR” and if you question that they will tell you they are some sort of “LICENSED TAX ATTORNEY” (which is a COMPLETE and utter LIE)…. they are just a no good salesman behind a desk trying to steal your money.
    2. They LIE AND LIE AND LIE. they will tell you whatever you want to hear, just so they can dig deep into your pockets.

    **** 3. AND THE REAL ADDRESS IS 3440 wilshire blvd. los angeles, california its on the 10th floor, you make a left out of the elevator and it is straight ahead if anyone would like to deliver a hand written complaint in person ūüôā¬†

    God punishes those who have wronged their neighbors.

  7. I talked to them this morning and asked to meet in person, and the guy said sure, they’re in Downtown LA on Wilshire near Western. (I had to check my calendar before making the appointment, so he didn’t give me the exact address yet.) So I think the 3600 Wilshire address is probably correct. Also, they are willing to meet with me. I want to look them in the eye before I throw $2,500 their way.

    • Jessica, I found a cool blog from this Enrolled Agent that has similar information like how Steve writes on his blog about companies. He will give you a list of all the companies including his competitors and base his opinions on how they do things.¬†
      http://taxresolutiontalk.blogspot.com/¬†You shouldn’t agree or commit thousands of dollars before you fully understand your tax issues.¬†

      I’ll give you an example, if you owe less than $25k you will meet the IRS Streamline criteria meaning that if you can afford an even payment up to 72 months(before was only 60 months) thru the new IRS Fresh Start Initiative. Just divide what you owe as long as it’s below $25k by 72 and that is your streamline installment. You make one call to the IRS and they will set that up for you no questions ask no detailed financial information needed. Let’s suppose you owe $25k that would be 72 equal payments of $347. Now if that payment is not affordable than a full financial disclosure to substantiate why you cannot afford it would be required.¬†

      Another example: If you owe more than $25k but less than $50k, the new IRS Fresh Start Initiative will allow you to meet the streamline with limited financial information. Just fill out the IRS form 9465-FS and request a streamline by dividing what you owe by 72 months. What makes this plan unique is that the IRS does require an automatic debit in order for you meet this guideline. 

      Once again if you cannot afford the Streamline Payment Agreement than a full financial disclosure will be required in order to calculate your true abilities to repay what you owe. 

      Warning do not be fooled by companies that make promises on a specific outcome. I had a client that spoke with more than 4 companies and they all had promised her that she fits perfectly for the Offer In Compromise criteria. We took on her case and her financial shows that they have the ability to pay a little over $150 for a 2009 tax liability of $23,000. 

      Warning do not be fooled by companies telling you they can abate your penalties and interest. Yes penalties can be abated but only if you have reasonable cause to support why the IRS should consider abating your penalties. First understand why you were penalized? Did you file late? Were you not able to pay the amount owed by the due date? Did the IRS examine your tax return and found there was under reporting of income issues? etc… Once you pinpoint why you were penalized now ask yourself, what reasonable cause that prevented you to avoid all these penalties.¬†

      Resolving a tax matter is no different from filing a new tax return. The IRS has special rules and circumstances that will allow you to meet their criteria’s in order to either clam deductions or credits etc.. So same rules applies when you owe back taxes you must meet those special rules and circumstances in order to meet a specific resolution to your problem.¬†

      I guarantee you one thing, tax resolution is not having an A rating on the BBB, its not about having a better and well experience negotiator to speak on your behalf. It’s about being able to understand the same collection methods and manual that all IRS agents uses to determine on how to collect your past due balances. No secrets no special magic. Everyone uses the same procedures so a true licensed tax professional must also understand the rules before they make any request to the IRS for a specific resolution.¬†

      Best of luck… My opinion is to make sure you contact a few tax firm before making a decision and make sure the person you are talking to about your tax case truly has the authorities to discuss your tax matters like licensed tax professional such as Licensed Tax Practitioner, Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorney or a CPA.¬†


  8. Richard did own that office because him an another associate shared the company’s ownership. How ever he left the company, therefore his office in Los Angeles has been closed. They did not give you a physical address because it is a call-in business. You are not permitted to come into the office. To be proved “legit” does not include telling ‘customers’ there location. Your arguement is invalid.

  9. Interesting that you promote you own business by complaining about Blue Tax. It looks like you and your friend Ken ¬†are trying to ride off their coat tails of a successful marketing campaign.¬† Also, in the live chat you posted you clearly don’t have a tax problem, and you are a solicitor.¬† Looks like you are upset because they called your bluff. Maybe you should do your research before making accusations like these. Blue Tax has an A with the BBB.¬† Sounds like you are a competitor.

      • But the sponsors on your site offer debt relief as an alternative to tax relief.¬†They pay you¬†and you benefit indirectly.¬† You are not fooling many people.¬† Again,¬† Blue Tax has an A rating with the BBB. That’s how I square it. Why would you be so deceptive in your live chat?¬† Please square that.

        • I didn’t realize asking for the address of the company was a deceptive practice.¬†So the BBB reports the address of the company is 3440 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

          Do you know if that the physical address of the company?

          Debt relief is the same as tax relief? How?

          For information about the ads on this site, follow the link.

        • ¬†Frankly, I don’t see how Blue Tax could have an A rating with the BBB, but of course the BBB isn’t really anything to depend on as a consumer because they only deal with the members that pay them and the most they can do is drop them from their program.It’s really a weak organization. Just because the BBB says a company has an A, doesn’t mean they deserve an A, just means that they haven’t had any complaints about their members.


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