I Want to Know If I’m Blacklisted and Can’t Get Back In the UAE. – Ahmed

“Dear Steve,

i have been working in Abudhabi ( Al ain ) for almost 2 years , i left on september 2010 , cause i got an offer in ksa , i had a credit card from rak bank , and i have to pay about 42000 dhs, but my company cancelled my iqama , n i go to egypt , then to ksa …

now i wanna go back to uae by visit visa , i want to know if im black listed or not


Dear Ahmed,

Owing any past due debt in the UAE or any GCC country can be a problem. If you can’t repay the debt and you’ve missed payment there may be an arrest warrant waiting for you. If you cross the border on any GCC country with a warrant against you, you may be detained and your passport seized.

Others have been able to successful make connecting flights through the UAE but many have been arrested if they enter the country. If you can’t afford to pay the debt you should be prepared to go to jail.

Before you return to the UAE you should contact a lawyer there and ask them to find out if there is an arrest warrant out in your name. The lawyer can then advise you further.

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  1. Hi sir or mam,
    Can you please advise me. Actually I returned my country from Dubai an emergency leave and I didn’t go back and now I need Dubai police clereance certificate. Is it possible?i don’t know what to do please help.


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