Discover Card Took My Car to Pay a Judgment Against Me. – Betty

“Dear Damon,

I divorced in 3/1997. my ex was given our money from 401K to pay off credit card debts, the break down came from his attorney. 1998 he filed for bankruptcy and didn’t pay the credit card bills. 9/4/11 my car was seized for these past due debts, but they sent paperwork notifying me of this to an address i hadn’t lived at for over 14 years. and they have all the paperwork in my previous name, that I had not used in over 14 years. so when they brought all this to the judge, he signed the judgment and they took my car.

they will not give me a copy of the charges on the discover card, so i can show it is time barred. they told me it went deliquent in 8/98. how can i get my car back?

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Hello Betty,

I don’t have all the details of the situation but it sounds like you are going to need to get a lawyer. It seems that you are saying that you were sued by discover card and they received a judgment. Then they took your car to satisfy the judgment.

If that is the case you are going to need to get an attorney to review your case and tell you specifically what you are going to need to do, if there even is anything that would feasibly work at this point.

This was an issue that should have been dealt with before the judgment was issued. It is much easier to prevent then it is to undo.

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