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Want to Settle Discover Credit Card Sending Dispute and Debt Validation


This post was inspired by my comment exchange with a site reader about negotiating a settlement with a Discover credit card that is now in the hands of a collections law firm. My comment would have been too lengthy a reply on the page the discussion originated, and this is also something that is not all that topical to the ... Read More »

How Creditors Rate at Helping Consumers Settle Debt


Michael Bovee, over on his Debt Relief and Credit Guides site has published a very good guide for people about how the major creditors are at providing settlements for problem debt. It’s a really good list and it ranks Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Discover Card, Citibank, Capital One, and American Express. For example, Bovee revels the best creditor ... Read More »

Discover Card Sued Me 10 Years Ago and Wants to Renew It. – Barna

closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

“Dear Steve, 10 years ago Discover card sued me but on that time, I was not aware this clearly and my roommate signed that summon. However, on 2003 around June they had a garnishment on my bank account and took all the money I had in my bank account. After that I did not receive any warning from Discover card. ... Read More »

My Ex-Husband Tried All Sorts of Tricks to Make the Discover Card Bill Go Away. Now They Have a Judgment Against Me. – Sandra

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“Dear Steve, In 2005 Discover card got a judgement against me in MN. My now ex-husband maxed out the card and tried to use techniques from a debt elimination company and failed. I have done nothing about it, I am stubbornly resolved it is not my debt, bit I was the card holder. Now they have filed a foreign judgement ... Read More »

I Hired a Scam Company to Help Me With My Discover Card. What Should I Do? – Joan

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“Dear Steve, I was trying to modify and consolidate my Discover Card at the same time. The company I hired scammed me. I paid them over $4,000. Now I am being sued by Discover. I called the collection agency to work out payment agreement. They want an unreasonable amount down payment of $5000 and $400 a month. I am already ... Read More »

Can I Negotiate a Settlement with Discover Now They Charged Off My Account? – Debbie

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Dear Steve, I opened an account with Discover back in 1993 and had good credit with them up until 2005 when I became ill, went out on disability, spent 2 years off and on in the hospitals, became inundated with medical bills and had to make tough choices on what bills I could continue paying. My credit with Discover went ... Read More »

Discover Credit Card Account Charged Off. What Now? – Greg

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I have $13,000 worth of credit card debt that has been charged off. The account is still being held by the Discover Card. They haven’t sold it off…..yet. I also have another account with Discover, but I am up to date on it and have never been late.. I also have a Chase CC that was nearing charge off status, ... Read More »

Retail Store Credit Cards: How Many = Too Many?

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“Would you like to save 10 percent on your purchase today by applying for a retail store credit card?” Does that sound familiar? Just about every major clothing and electronics store has promotion aimed at getting people to sign up for a store-specific credit card. But what you don’t know about retail store credit cards could hurt your wallet and ... Read More »

Discover Card Says They Will Sue Me. How Should I Handle This? – Catherine

“Dear Mitch, I live in Florida & about 6 months ago I had to stop paying on several of my credit cards because of an increase in medical expenses for my partner. I just received a notice from discover card stating that unless I begin payments today on my balance ($2915.00), they will send my account to an attorney & ... Read More »

I Have the Money But Discover Doesn’t Want to Settle. – Michele

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“Dear Steve, Ten years ago, my husband and I decided to consolidate our remaining debts onto a low-interest credit card. I applied for the Discover card, and transferred about $55,000 of debt over to the card (car payments, student loan, another credit card, etc). I have made at least the minimum payment, usually more, on that card every single month ... Read More »

Discover Card Took My Car to Pay a Judgment Against Me. – Betty

“Dear Damon, I divorced in 3/1997. my ex was given our money from 401K to pay off credit card debts, the break down came from his attorney. 1998 he filed for bankruptcy and didn’t pay the credit card bills. 9/4/11 my car was seized for these past due debts, but they sent paperwork notifying me of this to an address ... Read More »

Discover Card Refused Settlement Offer and Now Garnishing My Wages. – Judith

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I have a Discover card that is in default with a $11,500 balance. I’m a 63yo who is working part time and collecting partial S.S. as well. I only work 15 hours a week so my take home is less then $200 a week. I called Discover and made a cash offer to them to settle the debt same day ... Read More »

Discover Card Delinquencies Hit Record Low

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Discover Financial Services (DFS) said the proportion of its customers who are a month late on their credit card payments hit an all-time low during its second quarter, helping more than double the card company’s profit. The record low in credit-card delinquency rates, which the company said covers a 25-year period, highlights the sharp turnaround in the ability of Discover’s ... Read More »

Discover Card Won’t Negotiate With Me. Should I Wait Out the Statue of Limitations? – Tony

“Dear Jeremy, Over the past 24 months I have managed to settle 3 second mortgages and one credit card for a grand total of 310,000 for 32000.. I have only two remaining debts and am struggling with them. They are two remaining credit cards..One through a credit union for 22k and a Discover card for 9500..Both lenders have sent my ... Read More »

Collectors Called Constantly Scared of Foreclosure, What Can I Do? – Roy

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“Dear Steve, I have recently taken over management of finances and bill paying from my wife. I always knew we had some lingering credit card debt that had been following us since college, but I had no idea what the real situation was. At this point we are $51,000 in credit card debt. We have a mortgage, a HELOC, and ... Read More »

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