I’m Disabled and Being Sued About Past Due Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am being sued over a $2600 debt with CC company. I am fully disabled. My income comes from two sources, SSDI and private disability insurance. I know that SSDI is not garnishable, however, it’s unclear whether my private disability insurance is garnishable. Wisconsin statues regarding this matter at best are extremely … Read more

GCFS Sued Me and Got I Judgment Against Me and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: Dear Steve, The Legal Dept of GCFS Inc has sent me a Notice of Levy for execution (money judgment) Filed in court Feb 2018. States I have 15 days (since court docs were mailed) to respond. The total of $8139.35. They are threatening to garnish my bank. Can they do this? This letter was … Read more

I Got Sued Over an Old Debt and Alegedly Served a Summons in a State I’ve Never Lived In

Question: Dear Steve, I have a garnishment from a law firm debt collecting place who summonsed me to court and I failed to show up so they rendered judgement against me. I had no summons served to me. I had no clue about any of this at all until I received a letter in my … Read more

Did the Student Loan Lien Attached to a Lady Bird Deed Pass to Us?

Question: Dear Steve, My 90 year old deceased father, who had co-signed on a student loan from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, had a judgement placed on his home in 2008 for the defaulted student loan, which my sister and I only recently found out after our father passed away in April of 2016 … Read more

Her Husband Died and the Lawyer Threatened to Take the House

“Dear Steve, Friends husband died from cancer and failed to show up at court hearing for collection suit on credit cards. After his death, collection agency(said they were an attorney) threatened to take her house if she didn’t pay off his debt. This debt was incurred before they got married and he carried into the … Read more