10 Ways to Sell Your Used Stuff to Raise Money

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We all have things laying around our house we could sell or want to get rid of. Often the thought of trying to sell it is a bit much and it’s hard to know where to start. There are quite a few ways you can sell your used things, so I have listed 10 here for you.

1.) EBay – Selling on eBay is not as hard as you might think. It’s advisable to check completed listings of what you want to sell so you can see if it is actually selling. I wrote a how to sell on eBay guide which gives lots of tips.

2.) Facebook – Most people don’t think of Facebook as somewhere to offload their stuff but you can create an album with photos of what you want to sell and your friends and family will see it. Even if they are not interested, they might know someone who is, and it’s free. Alternatively you could create a page to sell off your stuff. I know a few people who have done this with various levels of success.

3.) Email – List everything you want to sell, create an album in photobucket or flikr or similar and send an email with the link to everyone. If you only have one or a few things to sell, you could just add the photos to the email.

4.) Garage sale – not everyone likes doing these. It does require a fair amount of effort to clean and price everything, make signs, promote it then sit around all day whilst you host it. Sometimes it can be really worth it, other times not so much. I wrote 50 tips for a great yard/garage sale to help anyone who wants to host one.

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5.) Newspaper – There is a classified section in most newspapers, many which have a free day to list or are free to list in for items under a certain value. Whilst newspapers are not the first place people go anymore for items, if it is free to list, you just never know.

6.) Gumtree/Classified sites (trading post/craigs list) – There are many more classified sites besides eBay. They are generally cheaper to list in. There are lots around, the ones I have mentioned are just a few of the bigger ones, but there are often local ones as well.

7.) Second hand dealer/pawn shop – You will probably get the lowest price here, but it can be the fastest way to sell your things. Know your prices before you go and you are in a better position to negotiate higher.

8.) Sign out the front yard – If you live in a busy area, a sign on your fence might be all you need to sell your old lounge or plants or whatever it is you want to sell. This won’t work everywhere, but is an easy way to sell things.

9.) Market/car boot sale – There are markets on all over the place and often annual car boot sales. If you get your things together and price them you can take them to one of these and possibly make more than if you had a garage sale. Why? The people running it usually do a lot of promotional work for the events, which is why they are not usually free for you to have stall in. You get more people coming as more people know about it.

10.) Niche magazines/sites – If you have something specific such as a wedding dress you could try wedding sites or magazines to sell your second hand dress. Anything which could be part of a specific niche (think comic books, text books, jewellery, computer games) usually has a variety of sites or magazines dedicated to it. Find out what ones are popular and if they have a classifieds section.

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Once you know where to list your stuff, it becomes much easier. Good luck and have fun making some extra cash.

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