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I Tried to Find Cheap Bankruptcy Filing Help But It’s Costing More. – Noelle

“Dear Lewis,

I have had a fair amount of help from you since last year. I was a victim if you will of a credit scam from P&E Solutions. Good news? yes, I got all my money back from them. Bad news, my credit was beyond repair and after several really bad ecperiences with creditors I had to file a BK. A couple of creditors told me if I mailed in X payment they’d consider the amount paid in full. NEVER got this in writing. All verbal. All a lie. Short of the Long a BK !3 was done to keep from losing my just paid of car.

I need my car for work, a reliable car and to sell my car to pay off creditors only partially only to go and buy another did not make sense. That is what chapter7 would of done per my atty.

Meanwhile, I am frustrated. I am not the most legal savvy person. I jumped into a local company that presents itself as an a legal atty service. Truth be. They are ran by a paralegal and they have an old, old old atty who essentially comes in periodically and signs things.

My experience with the legal company is you get what you pay for. I got a great deal on the cost what I got has been nothing but head aches. They have done their job, but on the fly, with frequent last minute calls, and worst? When it came to file, they never told met they expected payment of $3000 in full.

I never was given a contract outlining their services. Every contact has been on the fly, we need this now, we need this faxed immediately, we need you to come in asap.. its been horrifically stresseful.

I am finally filing on Thursday. I just got an email telling me Monday night, 3 days notice that I need to bring proof of my monthly payment for my trustee to our hearing, and attend! I was NEVER told I’d need to go. This is an issue with my new job, my payment for the trustee is not due until the 24th of this month and I don’t get paid from work until the dayafter court. How is it that business(es) like this really work?

A paralegal owns, runs and processess the documents. A old relique of an atty who lives out of the area comes in once a month or so, does court appearances.. etc.

My initial hearing my entire budget had to be redone. It appeared as though they yes, they did not include my husbands vehicle which we still pay on… ..

Where can I take my complaints? Are they valid? Is there an issue with providing service with no contract?


Dear Noelle,

I am not really sure where to start. Did you hire an attorney or attorney’s office or a paralegal service?

If it was an attorney, and you have complaints, you need to take it up with the attorney. If he or she does not resolve your concerns, then your next step would be to contact the state bar.

If it was a paralegal service, then you need to speak to the trustee or US trustee.

But it sounds like you hired an attorney.

As to the creditor’s meeting, or 341 meeting, everyone must attend this meeting. While you might not have been told this, you still need to attend to get bankruptcy protection. As to monthly payments, generally they are due within 30 days of filing the case. But each district has its own special rules and quirks when it comes to proof of payment, etc.

Good luck!

My name is Lewis Roberts and I’m an attorney licensed in Florida and Georgia. My practice focus is consumer bankruptcy, real estate issues/closings, and mortgages. I also have Florida real estate broker and mortgage broker licenses. I am a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA), and a graduate of Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp. I enjoy helping people with decisions that impact their financial well-being.

Legal Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. It is not to be relied upon as legal advice. It also does not create an attorney-client relationship. No such relationship is formed with attorney without a written agreement.

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  • I don’t know about you Noelle but it feels like when it comes to getting this entire debt situation behind you it’s like watching a slow motion train wreck and that’s not your fault.

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this mess. 

    Clearly your bankruptcy preparation company has dropped the ball and let you down, just on basic customer service skills.

    With such short notice I think you have no choice but to attend the hearing and just explain the situation to the trustee. Let them know about the level of service you have received and that without any advance notice, and the new job, you can’t produce a payment right then. 

    If I was to spot a silver lining here, at least once the plan is confirmed you will no longer need to deal with that filing service and will instead deal with the trustee.

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