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I Want to Combine My Debt Into One General loan at Low Interest. – Wendy

“Dear Damon,

I have credit card debt $40k from starting my own business 2 yrs ago. Finally supply is meeting demand of current bills. Additionally, I took out a $100k business loan which is considered a 2nd mortagage. So, I paid $1000 evey month toward credit cards, interest is about half. I probably can afford giving $2500/month to credit cards.

I wanted to combine one general loan at low interest, just can’t find a loan to do so. Suggestions please!



It is pretty tough to get unsecured debt consolidation loans right now unless you have great credit. If your credit is good and you have had no luck with traditional banks or credit unions, you could apply for a consolidation loan at

However, if you are trying to role the business loan into that, they do not lend more than 25,000 at a time so you will be unable to do that.

What are the current rates you are paying on your cards now?

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