Why Are the Advertised Consolidated Loan Rates Different That the Ad?

Interest Rate

Question: Dear Steve, At the advertised numbers, I would have consolidated. What happened to the advertised rate? Bill Answer: Dear Bill, I’m not sure exactly what advertised numbers you are speaking about, and normally a question so short would not make it to the site to be answered, but you bring up a great teachable … Read more

I Got Laid Off, Lived on Credit, and Now Looking for the Best Way to Consolidate My Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I was laid off for a year and tried to start a business. The same company hired me back this year and due to COVID the business was put in the back burner. I am an essential employee now. During that year due to not having a job and starting a business, … Read more

What Did I Just Sign With Lakeview Law Group and Titan Financial Group?

Question: Dear Steve, My question concerns debt consolidation. I contacted Titan Financial Group after receiving a letter from them. When I called they offered something called debt collateralization. On $19,027 consolidation I was offered a plan of 365 a month for 36 months on 3 credit cards. I met and signed paperwork Saturday April 4, … Read more

I Want to Lower My Overall Interest Rate With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I have a good credit score and am paying $4k a month in credit card payments (paying over the required amount), with exceedingly high-interest rates. It makes sense to consolidate all cc debt with a lower interest rate. Right now, I feel like I’m throwing away money. I get mailers every day … Read more

I Need Your Help to Find a Loan Company Who is Legitimate

Question: Dear Steve, I left a 13 yr 3 children domestic violence marriage in Jan of 2013, apprx 3yrs and 5mnths ago I started to work on my fixing my credit. That said, it started with a capital one credit card, since I have acquired a second capital one, next a FCU secured loan for … Read more

Which of These Debt Consolidation Offers Should I Go With?

Question: Dear Steve, I need to try to consolidate my credit cards. I’ve gotten letters from several companies about debt consolidation, telling me I qualify for up to $35,000. It sounds great – it would really help. I tried researching online, didn’t find much real help or answers. Have you ever heard of these debt … Read more

Is Simple Path Financial a Legit Company or a Scam?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a total of $33,000 in debt with credit cards and one loan. I spoke with a person at Simple Path financial. I asked if I could have the contract emailed to review it but the person said that it would be reviewed over the phone with me. I would sign … Read more

Which Company Should I Use for a Low Rate Debt Consolidation Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a credit card debt of $11,000 and I would like to get a loan to pay off my debt and make one lower payment for the loan Which company or lender should I use for that loan that offers low rate interest? Carmen Answer: Dear Carmen, That is kind of … Read more

Where Can We Get a Shared-Equity Mortgage to Pay Off Our Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, We have a house worth 610,000-620,000. First mortgage owed 279,000/4% fixed. 2nd 120,000 4.75% interest only. We have accumulated 125,000 in debt beyond that in student loans, husband playing Mr. Mom and taking care of his parents. We have no late payments but would like to get back on our feet. My … Read more

I’m a Trucker and Need a Loan to Get My Kenworth Back on the Road

Question: Dear Steve, Owner/Operator worked in Montana/ North Dakota in the oil fields. When everything got shut down last year it took all I could do to move back home to Nebraska. Had to park my truck and worked on a farm for my cousin and hauled mail to Omaha, Lincoln and Denver part time … Read more