What is the Best Consolidation Loan for Credit Card Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, What is the best loan consolidation company for $15k of credit card debt? Danielle Answer: Dear Danielle, Great question. Tough answer. It is a bit like asking what the best dessert is. It depends on many factors. People use the term “consolidation” in different ways. Sometimes people use it to talk about … Read more

Why Are the Advertised Consolidated Loan Rates Different That the Ad?

Interest Rate

Question: Dear Steve, At the advertised numbers, I would have consolidated. What happened to the advertised rate? Bill Answer: Dear Bill, I’m not sure exactly what advertised numbers you are speaking about, and normally a question so short would not make it to the site to be answered, but you bring up a great teachable … Read more

I Got Laid Off, Lived on Credit, and Now Looking for the Best Way to Consolidate My Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I was laid off for a year and tried to start a business. The same company hired me back this year and due to COVID the business was put in the back burner. I am an essential employee now. During that year due to not having a job and starting a business, … Read more

What Did I Just Sign With Lakeview Law Group and Titan Financial Group?

Question: Dear Steve, My question concerns debt consolidation. I contacted Titan Financial Group after receiving a letter from them. When I called they offered something called debt collateralization. On $19,027 consolidation I was offered a plan of 365 a month for 36 months on 3 credit cards. I met and signed paperwork Saturday April 4, … Read more

I Want to Lower My Overall Interest Rate With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I have a good credit score and am paying $4k a month in credit card payments (paying over the required amount), with exceedingly high-interest rates. It makes sense to consolidate all cc debt with a lower interest rate. Right now, I feel like I’m throwing away money. I get mailers every day … Read more

I Need Your Help to Find a Loan Company Who is Legitimate

Question: Dear Steve, I left a 13 yr 3 children domestic violence marriage in Jan of 2013, apprx 3yrs and 5mnths ago I started to work on my fixing my credit. That said, it started with a capital one credit card, since I have acquired a second capital one, next a FCU secured loan for … Read more

Which of These Debt Consolidation Offers Should I Go With?

Question: Dear Steve, I need to try to consolidate my credit cards. I’ve gotten letters from several companies about debt consolidation, telling me I qualify for up to $35,000. It sounds great – it would really help. I tried researching online, didn’t find much real help or answers. Have you ever heard of these debt … Read more