Ripped Off and Scammed in Death

The story of a Missouri grave monument company caught my eye. It appears Standard Monument Company sold grave markers and monuments but, well, forgot to actually deliver them.

That would be horrible enough but the company, and owner Jeffery Thomure have been down this road before. In 2006, Thomure was slapped with a permanent injunction for the very same thing.

The prior judgment required Thomure, the owner and operator of Standard Monument Company, located in St. Louis, to complete all outstanding orders, pay $10,000 in civil penalties, and refrain from further violations of the Merchandising Practices Act. Since the 2006 order, Thomure collected at least $14,662.84 from consumers, but he failed to provide the gravestones or a refund.

This time Thomure isn’t getting off so easy. An arrest warrant has been issued, he will spend 30 days in jail and ordered to pay $40,000 in civil penalties, $2,000 in court costs, and deliver and install completed gravestones by January 1, 2012, on all outstanding customer orders or give refunds to all consumers who have paid for a gravestone but have not received it.

Something tells me this guy isn’t going to get easy time if the jailhouse gets a wife of his crime. Even the pedophiles will beat the crap out of him for ripping of the families of dead people. – Source


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