Vermont Residents Warned About Phone Scams by State Police

Vermont is one of those idyllic places you normal think of as safe and serene. With beautiful mountains and friendly people all about it’s one of the few places in the country you would not suspect scammers to be getting a foothold.

Vermont State Police are warning their residents of various phone scams that are cropping up across the state. While many of these are not new scam, they are still unnerving to the unsuspecting victims. In all of the reports the victims say the caller has a heavy accent and many state he has been hostile and or threatening.

These scams include:

A lottery scam which is targeting mostly the elderly. The victims are told they have won a prize but in order to obtain the prize they must first pay for the taxes and the shipping of the prize.

A debt collector scam, which is actually a nationwide scam and is targeted toward individuals who have recently received a “payday loan” online. A caller who claims to be a debt collector, attorney, or investigator will call shortly after receipt of the loan to express legal ramifications stemming from the loan and advises the victim to send a cash settlement to dismiss a lawsuit.

The final scam is the home security scam in which victims receive calls from people claiming to be from GE security offering free security systems. (I worked for GE for many years and we outsourced our own internal security.) People are asked to for personal information and credit card numbers.

Please remember, once you give someone your information nothing is stopping them from using it against you. Beware of offers asking for money up front and never give password or pins to anyone you don’t know.

Police advise people to report any incidents to law enforcement and educate themselves to protect against fraud. Information about phone fraud is available from the Federal Trade Commission. – Source.

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Vermont Residents Warned About Phone Scams by State Police”

  1. and i hope this helps but while i was searching for informational forums and blogs that talk about scams, i got to a site called http://www.callercenter.com and guess what i got? a whole lot of different scams employed for money!! come to think of it, i did not find any report that tells a scammer has been put to jail… is this even possible?!

  2. i bet these people have a whole of scripts they tell people to scare them into giving what these scammers want.. I’m a law-abiding citizen and i have high respect for the law and the people around me and i just cant imagine how these scammers got the nerve to do such a disgusting act… scam people for a hundred dollars.. 


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