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Should We Fight Our Foreclosure or Walk Away? – Heather

“Dear Steve,

We filed bankruptcy and surrendered our home in the bankruptcy, due to denied a loan modification we could afford, Not sure if we should fight the forclousure or let it happen, we are so upside down on our townhome we just want to walk away from it, but we dont want to hurt our chances of ever having a home again.

What should we do about the foreclosure


Dear Heather,

I take a longer term and wider view on these issues than others do. I think that since life is a one-way journey that you need to determine how you want to spend that time.

Some want to spend it fighting as victims and are willing to invest emotional energy and time to battle an issue hoping to win, fighting to be right.

Me on the other hand, would rather see people learn from a perfectly good mistake and move forward to do better the next time and apply what they learned.

Quite honestly you are probably better off at this point surrendering to a new future and moving forward towards that. You can easily rebuild your credit and you will be able to buy again in a few years.

Follow this guide to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

I hope that helps put it all in perspective for you. I think that for those that can let go and focus on what is to be instead of what was, they have a greater chance of finding peace and happiness in their lives.

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