Multi-State Adoption Scammer Has No Remorse

Recently I asked the question, “how low can you go?” in reference to a woman starting up a fraudraiser where she raised over $10,000 for her child that may not be suffering from juvinelle lukema.

I know have a story of a woman that will knock the socks off your conscious.

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A 20 year old woman, Davanna Dotson, from Muskogee Oklahoma, is now facing eight counts of fraud and has been denied bail for… wait for it … a multi-state adoption scam.

Dotson has lead couples on for the past two years in an adoption scam that gives you chills. She has been promising them a baby that does not exist. She contacts law firms, tells them she has a baby she’s looking to give up and the firm puts her in touch with couples looking for a child to adopt. She then asks the unsuspecting couples for money for travel and baby expenses to get her to them so they can adopt.

Last week a couple from Virginia was promised Dotson’s baby. A picture was sent to them of the baby and in return they sent back money for Dotson to make the trip to them. Dotson repeatedly kept asking for money with each call she made. It was then and there that they realized there was no baby, this was a scam.

“To think that your dream is going to be fulfilled and that’s being taken advantage of at your most vulnerable point. It’s just disappointing that someone would prey on that,” said the victim from Virginia – Source.

Lt. Bobby Lee of the Muskogee Police has heard complaints for two years about this scam but needed a victim to come forward before they could charge Dotson. They now have victims pouring in from Virginia, Utah, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Texas and Kansas.

Dotson has not shown any remorse in this matter. In fact, it’s been reported that after the initial news hit of this scam she concinuted to talk to other couples about a possible “adoption.” She commented, “Adoption agencies take advantage of couples. They scam couples out of [money] promising a baby and they don’t get a baby. So what is $600… $400? I don’t understand this.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if they named this new adoption based scam a Dotson Scam. This is low. LOW.

To see the original story and video click here.

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

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