Real Estate Law Center, Boldly Ridiculous.

A reader just forward to me a mailer he received from Real Estate law Center PC. They claim to be located at 16209 Victory Blvd, #102, Lake Balboa, CA 92707.

Apparently the Real Estate Law Center is not familiar that the Attorney General of California recently filed suit against attorneys using similar deceptive marketing. Those attorneys had their law offices raided and assets seized.

“Yea, let’s jump on that program and market the hell out of it.”

If you want to learn more about the raids and assets seizures here is the link to all the mass joinder information.

I started with a street view of the office. Only one problem, the address they list does not apparently exist. They say they are located in zip code 92707 which is Lake Balboa, California, but 92707 is in Santa Ana, California. That’s the same area where all the other bogus Form 1012-R mailers came from that the Attorney General took action against.

If you get one of these mailers, RUN AWAY! I can’t believe people are still sending them out.

The tipster (send in your tips here) wanted to share this information as well:

Called regarding a Multi Party Lawsuit against Wells Fargo on Real Estate Loans. Was told they could cut my Mortage in half and change my interest rate to 2% in addition to winning up to 40,000. He then added that I needed to send him 6,000 to make this happen. They are located at 16209 Victory Blvd Suite 2 Lake Balboa, CA. Phone 657 310.5204 and reported his office was in Irvine??

My advice to anyone getting this pitch or mailer from Real Estate Law Center is to not do anything with it but report it to me and the California Bar. There are so many red flags here that it doesn’t even pass a casual initial inspection.

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Real Estate Law Center Website

The Real Estate Center website is at The website was registered on April 28, 2011 by:
3200 Wilshire blvd
South Tower 1100
Los Angeles, California 90010

Yervand Arzakanyan [email protected]

Real Estate Law Center, PC was registered as a California corporation on August 18, 2011.

The street address on their website appears to really be:

Real Estate Law Center
Telephone: 866 946-5342
Fax: 888-721-7322
Email: [email protected]

16209 Victory Blvd., Suite 102
Lake Balboa, California 91406

This appears to be a mailbox drop at A2Z Mailbox

They also list another address:

695 South Vermont, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90005

But the only company I could find at that address is International Recruiting Group. – Source

The attorneys associated with Real Estate Law Center on their site are: – Source


According to California Bar records the two attorneys practice in a different place.

Law Office of Adlore Clarambeau
427 E 17th St # F-259
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Clarambeau had disciplinary charges filed against him on 8-18-2001 and has been recently not allowed to practice law.

9/21/2010 – Active
9/1/2010 – Not Eligible To Practice Law
7/14/2008 – Active
7/1/2008 – Not Eligible To Practice Law
12/12/1994 – Admitted to The State Bar of California

Chad Pratt is recorded as practicing at:

30 N Raymond Ave #PH
Pasadena, CA 91103


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Update April 12, 2013

As per the suggestion from the commenter Reason I am posting these two items here in the post for people to find.

Judgment for creditors. Consumers get nothing.

69 thoughts on “Real Estate Law Center, Boldly Ridiculous.”

  1. The previous comment refers to Real Estate Law Center at 695 South Vermont, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, California 90005 …. I asked them for a refund of monies paid and the records pertaining to anything they have done on my behalf. No response. Not only that but they have sold or shared my info to other scammers for debt repair, loan modification and loan refi companies. These calls are all coming from California. I cornered two solicitors to tell me who referred me to them. It was RELC.

  2. I was solicited by the same mailer in 2014 for inclusion into a Mass Tort Lawsuit against the lender/ servicer for Fraud/Deceptive Debt Collections/ and Negligent Lending. My properties of which (I had 4) fit into the category that they deemed appropriate after an alleged legal review. I was accepted for representation in January of 2015. I was added to existing lawsuits anywhere from four to eight months after being signed on with their firm. They required reams of personal information supporting a loan modification effort which never occurred on any property. Communication with the firm was one way. It was very difficult to reach anyone except customer service which would leave messages for someone to call back. The theory which was part of the sales pitch was that the law suit was the ‘sword’ which would coerce the lenders into redoing the bad loans. The effort at loan modification was a complimentary service while the lawsuits were progressing. If a lender filed for foreclosure they allegedly would get it stopped as it was involved in the ongoing lawsuit. It is now 2016. I got smarter as time went on. Two properties got foreclosed on with no help. I started asking more pointed questions via emails, with no response. I started looking up the cases and reading the filings and backtracking through prior filed cases. That was at a pretty hefty cost because I had to pay the Court for the filings and Orders I wanted to read. Come to find out, the Courts had consistently indicated that out of state properties/ loan problems were mis-joined in California Civil cases. The bottom line is that this company has never won any mass tort lawsuit all the way back into 2011 and probably before. It is a vehicle to circumvent laws regarding businesses that do loan modifications. That is their real effort. They file these lawsuits as boilerplate filings and never get past the requirement of proving their ‘standing’ to file. Every once in awhile they get lucky and a loan modification gets approved. In the meantime the masses they have seduced have paid a significant non-refundable fee, up front to be included in litigation. However.. where they have succeeded in bypassing business regulations they have an obligation to abide by the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct such as: Rule 3-110 requiring that a member perform legal services with competence and not intentionally or recklessly fail in the client’s expectations of competence, skill or duty. That’s a FAIL on their part. Rule 3-200 says that a client has a reasonable right to an expectation that a claim will not be litigated if it is not warranted under existing law. That is a FAIL. Rule 3-500 is regarding communication and the requirement to keep the client informed. In my case, I think it is fairly significant that a Court ruling indicating that out of state cases are mis-joined in the types of filings they were making. Hmmm FAIL. Rule 4-200 is with regard to the fees paid to a firm. A member shall not collect a fee that is illegal or unconscionable. In many of the ‘clients’ cases the fee collected was clearly unethical and fraudulent. The alleged cost of the proposed litigation is to be divided among the mass tort plaintiffs. Where one drops out others are added until the case is closed. Some are added in the final stages just prior to what they already know will be an Order that the Plaintiff’s have no standing to proceed. RELC has a legal services Ponzi scheme going. When a contract is based on fraud it impairs the legal validity of the writing and defaults in favor of the client. So, if you are considering signing up with them BEWARE. If you were scammed, complain loudly to the Better Business Bureau, California Attorney General and State Bar Association. In 2015/ 2016 RELC has 24 individual mass tort (multiple plaintiffs) open cases, either pending, or just finalizing with the same result for all. None had standing to file and had mis-joined and jurisdictional elements regarding plaintiffs.

  3. RELC was suggested to us by mom’s co-worker. And they address given is the one in LA, we are in SD. Was told they communicate by email. Already something fishy there, but this co-worker told mom that she’s almost done, so my mom went for it. They asked for a packet to be filled up and be fax to them which if not incomplete (something is missing and need to be fax again as a whole), is always misplaced or lost in their office. And they just keep asking for it to be fax as they didn’t receive it. Been 5 months. Never an update on our case. And never a phone call from them. Emails received from them were all “reminders ” to fax the said packet. Even with me and my dad letting mom know there’s a red flag going on here, she keep her fate to this scams. If asked about a confirmation about an attorney handling the case, “yes, an attorney is handling your case.” Never spoke to an attorney that was said to be handling the case. Finally mom listened to our tax preparer that this is a scam, so she took care of her bank account. Also very rare that this Case Manager Monica Davis picks up the phone, always voice mail, even when mom called that she no longer needs them. After weeks, we got an email that they couldn’t get money from her account to be able to continue doing their work. It is bad to wish for karma to this people but that’s what my wish is for them.


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