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Drifters Rob Florida Woman Using Fake Spider Poison Scam

Criminals that prey on the elderly that really tick me off. I always think of my Grandparents and how kind and thoughtful they were. If someone would have taken advantage of their kindness and helpfulness would really have upset me.

That’s just what three men did to an elderly couple in Naples, FL this week. Ruth Pence, 85 and her husband had been away and hadn’t even gotten past the kitchen with their belongings including Ruth’s jewelry case, when two men came to the door asking for help finding the property line of the house next door. They were building a fence and we’re having difficulty. Ruth’s husband went outside to help them.

A few minutes later another workman came to the door and asked Ruth for a bucket of hot water so that he could spray a spiders nest.

As Ruth was in the laundry room waiting for the bucket to fill the man inadvertently sprayed her hand with an acid used to spray the deadly Brown Recluse Spider. He told her to take off her rings and things and he’d put them in milk to neutralize the acid. She was to soak her hand in orange juice. He told her to stay right there and he was going out to get something to put on her hand. He never came back. When she came back into the kitchen her purse and jewelry case was gone, as well as jewelry she was wearing. The jewelry was worth $4,000.

The “acid” turned out to be harmless patio furniture cleaner in a bottle that was left behind.

While distraction scams do not occur often — this is the fourth known case in Naples in two years, investigating officer Lt. Matt Fletcher said — residents need to be vigilant. The elderly are primary targets. – Source

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

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