Dead Cross Dressing Man’s Finger Prints Found on His Own Death Certificate.

I love England. I had the good fortune to live there for almost 2 years and I found the people delightful, to observe. This is one of the reasons I’m fascinated with the british subjects. Anthony McErlean, age 66, faked his own death in Honduras and then tried to collect £520,000 from an insurance company, posed as has his own wife. I’ve seen a picture of him and I can only imagine, he’s not pretty as a woman either. If that doesn’t show an unusual quirkiness, I don’t know what does.

September 30, 2011, Mr. McErlean has been sentenced for six years in jail after a judge found him guilty of ‘deliberate and calculated fraud’. Supposedly in December 2009, McErlean and a fictitious travel companion were in Honduras to take wildlife pictures when McErlean was mowed down by a truck carrying cabbages as he was changing a tire. His body was then taken away by farm workers in a cabbage truck who took it to a small village called Santa Rosa de Aguan.

Posing as his own wife, McErlean, took fake official documents, including a death certificate, to Ace European Insurance Company stating her husband was killen in Honduras and his body had been cremated. The company was suspicious because his passport was not part of the documents presented. They then contacted the Insurance Fraud Bureau who then started an official investigation.

Before any money was given, McErlean was found in Kent going by the name of Green. The clincher was his finger prints were on his own death certificate. He was then found to be claiming pensions relating to his late father-in-law from a previous marriage. On June 13, 2011, McErlean pleaded guilty to fraudulently making a claim to Ace European Insurance Company, fraudulently obtaining a passport and two counts of theft from a pension fund from the Port of London Authority totalling some £27,000 and £40,658 from the Department of Work and Pensions.

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Where did the fraudulent passport come from? After, McErlean was arrested he was released on bail on the condition that he not apply for a new passport. The very next day he applied for a new passport claiming he lost his original, which was actually taken by the police.

Oh it get’s better, McErlean insisted that the documents he obtained in Honduras were not faked, they were genuine but he thad to obtain them by bribing officials to get them.

The real Mrs. McErlean was not charged because she was not aware of the claim. The reason McErlean wanted the money, he ‘didn’t want to be destitute in old age’. But don’t let that tug at your heart string for very long. McErlean a twice-married father and has convictions dating back to 1963, including robbery, possession of a firearm and dishonesty. – Source

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