Verizon is Listing Accounts on My Credit Report I Don’t Owe. – Marc

“Dear Steve,

Checking my credit report I found verizon phone company had 4 derogatory accounts listed ( two had claim skip tracing on them), which I have no recall on. three claim to be accounts started same day in September 2006. I was using AT&T cell phone since 2005 as only phone service.

I contacted Verizon customer services and they said they would check. One month later they called to say they checked and two accounts seem to be listed double by credit reporting. When I said they had 4 different file numbers they answered must be credit file from the credit reporting company ( thought they only list info from creditor, and Verizon I believe does not use another debt company, just in house?, they did not anser me on that )

So I stated I still want copy of past bills with these supposed phone numbers, copy of instaling agreement, or work order when installed, and said I wanted them to remove the two duplicate accounts supposedly put on mistakenly.

They replied ” Oh, we do not do that, we are not responsible for credit reporting mistakes these listings make, you have to contact them to have it corrected. ( Yea, without me having proof ). So I sent registered mail to Executive Vice President of Verizon of Public Affai rs, Policy & Communications at their Corp Headquarters in NY. requesting that Verizon sends me the requested information on these supposed accounts, and to answer within 30 days to avoid legal action.

Now 20 days with no anwser. From checking internet, it seems to me that original creditor (verizon) does not have to answer, only secondary debt credit company, and government will not take complaint about original creditor, only secondary debt collections company also. ? ) If so any suggestions what I should do to remove possible credit history mistakes ? Hiring an attorney will most likely cost a fortune ?

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Dear Marc,

Actually this should be fairly easy to correct if you follow this process. I would suggest you can a copy of your consolidated credit report and let’s see exactly what credit bureaus are reporting this. They won’t all be the same.

Then, follow the dispute instructions on the consolidated credit report and contact the credit bureaus and fill out a dispute form. They may not all allow you to do this online.

If you are able to send in additional information with the dispute, send a copy of the communication from Verizon stating the mistake.

I anticipate this should take care of the issue since Verizon won’t be able to verify the incorrect accounts when they are asked to verify them and the department inside that handles these situations will actually get the complaint from the credit bureaus and know exactly how to deal with it.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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