All About Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

Company Name

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.


Christopher A. Viale, President & CEO
Thomas W. Hebert, Chief Financial Officer
Tracy Guay, Clerk Of the Corporation

Physical Street Address

67 Hunt Street
Agawam, MA 01030

Contact Information

1-800-CAMBRIDGE (1-800-226-2743)



Description of Services Provided

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit credit and housing counseling agency. All consumers who contact Cambridge have the opportunity to engage in a thorough analysis of their finances and to receive education and budgeting advice appropriate to their circumstances, free of charge. If such a financial assessment indicates that the consumer would not ordinarily be able to alleviate his or her debt without creditor concessions, Cambridge will offer the option of enrolling in its debt management program (DMP) to help the individual establish an affordable and convenient plan to repay their current debts in a timely manner.

As a HUD Certified housing counseling agency, we work to assist consumers with the many homeownership concerns indicative of our current economic climate. Our Housing division offers offers HUD-approved housing counseling services for homeowners, prospective buyers and renters. Among the services offered by our experienced staff are Foreclosure intervention, Pre-purchase, Rental, and

MA Department of Elderly Affairs approved Reverse Mortgage Counseling.
Lastly, Cambridge is a US Department of Justice approved Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling service, helping to empower consumers who’ve begun the bankruptcy process.

What Makes Us Special

Our Counseling Department is comprised of AFCPE Accredited Credit Counselors, and our Housing Department is staffed by NCHEC Certified Housing Counselors. on average, these dedicated individuals have been assisting consumers with financial problems for more than 10 years. Their unique insights and critical thinking has helped more than 2,000,000 Americans take a proactive approach to remedying their financial concerns.

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For those consumers opting to use our Debt Management Program, we have developed an extensive post-counseling initiative that reinforces the education provided during the initial counseling session, ensuring consumers get the most out their Debt Management Plan experience. Although a DMP can be instrumental in helping some consumers become debt free in a 5-year timeframe, enrollment alone does not prevent them from reverting to the behaviors, attitudes and spending patterns that resulted in their need to contact Cambridge in the first place. For this reason, Cambridge’s counselors reach out to these consumers for three post-counseling sessions within their first 90 days of enrollment, and offer financial check-ups every six months thereafter. Furthermore, Our staff also conducts comprehensive reviews of every client’s account after four months to make sure all benefits have been appropriately extended.

Cambridge discloses performance and satisfaction information each quarter as part our effort to promote transparency in the debt relief industry. Results can be seen on our website at www.cambridge-credit.org./transparency.html.

Lastly, Cambridge maintains an A+ rating with the BBB, are members of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) and have been audited to their best practices (the AICCCA Code of Practice) since 2005.

Our Philosophy in Assisting People

Cambridge is dedicated to promoting a more knowledgeable and financially responsible America: by teaching sound money management practices; by assisting financially distressed individuals and families through appropriate counseling, education and advice; and by providing people with information and resources needed to obtain, maintain and sustain housing.

Fee Schedule

Cambridge follows all state laws regarding the charging of fees. Fees are capped at $75.00 for the setup (or initial) fee and $50.00 for a monthly fee. Additionally, Cambridge reduces or waives its fees for consumer’s experiencing extreme hardship.

Client Satisfaction Policy

Cambridge will refund its initial fee to any client who cancels within the first 90 days of enrollment. Cambridge’s goal is to maintain a 95% Satisfaction score for both its Credit Counseling and Client Support divisions, as measured through surveys sent to random members of the client population each quarter. We also expect that 65% of respondents will rate their experiences as “Excellent.”

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