I’m a British Citizen But Considering Insolvency in Hong Kong. – Anon

“Dear Jon,

British citizen currently living and working in Hong Kong with large debts and now unable to pay them all back. Decided to leave and move back to the England as can no longer afford to pay the rent etc. Have resigned from my job also.

I am applying to obtain my pension fund (MPF) before leaving Hong Kong to enable me to pay off some of the debts before I leave, however this will not be enough to cover all my debts.

I plan to apply for bankruptcy in Hong Kong from England as I am worried about getting ‘trapped’ here with no job or money.

Can I legally leave Hong Kong and apply for bankruptcy in Hong Kong from England?

Will there be any repercussions due to me leaving Hong Kong without being in a position to settle my debts?

I would appreciate any guidance and advice you could give me regarding this situation. Thanks and regards,


Dear Anon,

If you are asking about going bankrupt in Hong Kong, you would need to consult someone who has knowledge of insolvency laws in China, as they are different then in the UK.

By going bankrupt in China, to my knowledge it should not have any major affect on you back in the UK. You will need to disclose the bankruptcy if asked, so it may impact obtaining credit initially.



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