Can I Include My Debt Settlement Company in My Bankruptcy? – Ken

“Dear Steve,

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i have 65000 in credit and installment debt we lost one third of our income in last year signed with debt settlement law firm in april initial fee 2895 they have settled 2 accts. which they receive 20% of money saved we have pd 7195 in 7 months . for one acct. they paid the settlement even though there was not funds sufficient in our acct. I can longer fund the plan they want 30 days notice for cancellation i have decided the only way is bankruptcy i have an appt with b.a. on 11-21 .

if i am neg in my plan account can i put the acct in bankruptcy when i file


Dear Ken,

I would think it would be just another unsecured creditor in your pool of debt if you owe them money. Your bankruptcy attorney will look at your specific situation and give you specific advice but I think it will be fine.

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