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A reader sent me in a questions about a recent press release put out by Credit Card Debt Consolidation.

The reader said “Don’t the UDMSA regulations and a number of states prohibit incentives and rebates for debt relief programs?”

I’ll let the debt relief industry readers answer that one.

I did notice their home page has the BBB logo on it but a search of the BBB website could not locate a company by that name.

I also noticed that their website does not list their business address on it or identify the underlying company responsible for this website.

Their site does say, “Our company is located in Southern Florida,” but a search of Florida corporate records could not locate any such active company. The site also says, “Credit Card Debt Consolidation (CCDC) was founded in 2002 as a debt referral company,” and the only Florida registration I could find that matched this statement was a company called CCDC, LLC that was formed in 2002 in Miami. However, the company was administratively dissolved in 2005 for failing to file annual returns.

The telephone number on their website, 800-351-5647, has also been used by Brandon David at DebtManagementProfessionals.net, AmericanDebtHelp.com, Consolidate Debt, CreditCardHelp.net, and Free Debt Consolidation.

Company Name: Consolidate Debt Inc
Address: John Anthony. 56925 Yucca Trail, Suite 360. Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Phone: 800-351-5647, Fax: 800-700-9998
Website: http://www.consolidate-debt.org

Contact Information:
andrew byron
Consolidate Debt Inc
56925 Yucca Trail, Suite 360.
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
United States
Telephone: 800-351-5647

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Here was the press release in question.

Black Friday: Credit Card Debt Consolidation Announces $200.00 Off First Payment

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Co., announces a $200.00 promotion for first time visitors.

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2011

Credit Card Debt Consolidation, an industry leader in the debt management and debt settlement referral business, has offered a $200.00 promotion for consumers struggling with unsecured debt. With consumers being told to spend this holiday season, the company is now offering a temporary promotion which will be aimed at helping consumers further save money. This promotion will be effective immediately, and will terminate on November 30th, 2011. After the consumer goes through the quoting procedure for credit card debt relief (http://www.creditcarddebtconsolidation.net/credit-card-debt-relief.php), (whether its done online, by phone or in person), the applicant must mention this promo code in order to have $200.00 waived off the first months payment. The promotional code to have this applied will be “Nov200”.

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The manager of Credit Card Debt Consolidation, Britani Christian said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to help consumers better manage their debt. Consumers are constantly being misled by creditors, and are constantly being tempted to spend. Especially with the holiday season fast approaching, consumers should better manage their debt as opposed to obtaining new debt through tempting holiday introductory offers”.

This year, Credit Card Debt Consolidation has expanded operations in two regional areas. The primary office is located in Palm Springs, California but they have a secondary office located in Miami, Florida. Although they allow walk-in appointments, most of the quotes are issued via the online quoting system.

About Credit Card Debt Consolidation:
Credit Card Debt Consolidation (http://www.creditcarddebtconsolidation.net) is a for profit company located in Southern California, with a secondary office in Florida. Our office is aimed at helping consumers reeducate themselves when it comes to resolving credit card and collection debt. Our company provides a referral service, after our financial analysis services into both debt management and debt settlement. What separates our agency from the competitors, is that we provide two quotes in one, when trying to find the best possible solution to combat debt.

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