I’m a College Student With a Loan From SunTrust. – Kami

“Dear Steve,

HELP! As you can see, I am in need of dire help regarding student loan debt. I just recently got out of the rehabilitation program and the lendor who now manages the loan is SunTrust. I am only 22 and still in college.

At first, I owed $10,000 through the rehab program. Then, when it wento to SunTrust, I am now allegedly owing about $15,000. This loan piled up due to the fact that I do not have a career, I am in school, and my parents are blue collar working individuals.

My questions are these…

How do I pay them back? I don’t want to defer or consolidate becauase I know that interest rates acrue and by the time I get out of college, I’ll be owing more than the number listed above.

Can I fight the system? From what I read, I cannot file for bankrupcy (or can I?)
There are no laws that protect citizens when it comes to student loan debt, so I do not know where to begin.

In conclusion, I want to know what would be the best possible solution for me to eliminate this debt on my shoulders (perferrably not pay it at all if that could be possible).

Thank You


Dear Kami,

If your student loan lender is SunTrust I ‘m assuming you have a private student loan. These loans do not have the same kind of debt repayment options that a government backed loan would.

If you participated in a reduced payment program with your lender it is quite possible the interest and penalties did grow your balance.

The best advice is to investigate any additional repayment options your lender may have that do not involve a forbearance or pushing forward of loan payments.

And yes, stay away from private student loans.

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