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Metropolitan Law Group Mortgage Reduction Mailer. – Linda

“Dear Steve,

Filed for bankruptcy in July 2010. Still have house – was able to modify payment but it’s adjustable and I just had the rate go up. I’m just making it – barely.

Received a letter in the mail from Metropolitan Law Group – 2030 Main Street, Irvine, CA. BBB, Complaints Board had no info on them. Trustlink had nothing bad to say. Are they legitimate? Do I bother checking in to whether their offer to reduce my payments and make it 30-yr fixed is feasible?



Dear Linda,

So I took a look at the mailer you sent in below. Thank you.

It appears to be an advertisement to sell you services and makes all sorts of claims which I’d love to see the support on to back them up.

The mailer contains the number 888-318-7486 and there were no listings for that number that I could find. The mailer has my radar up and I’d be very cautious before paying a dime for the claims pitched to you.

I’d suggest you take a look at the free mortgage modification help I wrote about before.

Even on the face of the mailer the claims seem silly. They say “We have reviewed your property information and have determined that you may be eligible for a Payment Reduction Program.” But they also say in the fine print, “Not all applicants qualify,” and “Information was obtained from public record resources.” So how much review and checking did they really do?

They also say “This product or service is not affiliated with an is not endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not approved by an agency of the government.” But they use the Equal Housing government logo. A lot of stuff just doesn’t feel like it adds up.

The address you gave me for the company at 2030 Main Street, Irvine, CA appears to be a virtual office space.
Their full address is:

Wells Fargo Tower
2030 Main Street, Suite 1300
Irvine, CA 92614
P: 888-318-1356
F: 949-680-4742

I took a look at the Metropolitan Law Group site at and noticed a couple of interesting things.

On the right side of the site they appear to make a reference that Marc L. Samson is the attorney for the firm.

According to the State Bar of California, Marc Sampson is actually associated with Samson & Samson at 9220 Crocus Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. It also says his speciality is trusts and estates, not mortgage modifications.
According to a search of registered companies in California, there is no company registered to do business as a corporation or LLC under the name Metropolitan Law Group.

If you look at the bottom of the site you will see a link for an agent login. The agent link on the bottom actually goes to that sells modification software and sales tools.

Agent marketing legal services for mortgage issues has been a hot topic in California and in fact a number of attorneys have fallen into trouble with the California Bar over agent marketing and fee splitting.

There is enough for me to say I’d be concerned if you leapt at this advertising mailer and claims without first checking it out with a real estate attorney licensed in your state.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Metropolitan Law Group Update 12-6-2011

I have received the following correspondence from Marc L. Samson.

Dear Mr. Rhode:

Your comments about our law firm in your recent blog have come to my attention.
Although we appreciate the concern you have and the valid points you make regarding the retention of any professional by consumers, I would like to clarify a few of the points you made to “Linda” regarding our firm.

Metropolitan Law Group was formed as an off -shoot of my thirty (30) plus years in estate planning and business transaction practice after several of my existing clients requested that I assist them with the loan modification process. Upon getting involved in those matters, I discovered that what is touted to be a relatively consumer friendly process by the lending institutions was in fact beyond the ability of most lay people, as most legal matters are, to successfully negotiate on their own.

Despite your attention grabbing headline, as with any legal matter, we do not “promise big mortgage reduction” or any particular result to any client, and there is no mention of promise or guarantee in our marketing material. All individuals who inquire about our services are advised prior to our retention that there is no guarantee that we can obtain a modification on their behalf. We carefully screen all potential clients, who must reside in and own real property in the State of California, and we will only take on as clients those who we believe have the highest opportunity for a successful outcome. As a result, we turn down many more of those who inquire than those whose cases we ultimately accept.

Since I have always operated as a sole-proprietor, there is no professional corporation or LLC on file. However, as a professional practice, we would be operating as an LLP, and not an LLC.

With respect to our address, it is a real location, and similar to what is commonly known as a “Fegen Suite.”

We trust the foregoing will be of assistance in your evaluation of our practice and that you will have the courtesy to correct any incorrect assumptions made on your blog.

Thank you.

Marc L. Samson –

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  • The Metropolitan Law Group asks for money upfront.  This is NOT in compliance with SB 94.  Please do not ignore the red flags.  I would not use any firm that asks for money in advance. 

    • I beg to differ….the money is paid as the work is being done. If they were not SB94 compliant, the State of Ca. would have shut them down a long time ago!!!  Do your research, this company has helped many people….some they were not able to help, but that is a result directly from the banks. Metropolitan offers no guarantees, and they let you know this upfront. I feel anyone trying this loan restructuring on their own are unsuccessful.

  • Metropolitan Law Group???   They are my neighbors!  That is not their real office, the shiny office tower in Irvine that they advertise on their website!

    Their real office is at 23412 Moulton Parkway,  Suite 140 in Laguna Hills, CA!!!!   It is a very pretty office with a lake in back!

    I know because the are downstairs from us.  I’ve been inside their office and yes, they have a boiler room set up with like 2 dozen cubicles and 3 large offices.  I know Grant, Mark,  Bruce and their many, many employees whose cars take up most of the small parking lot.

    The Lakeview Building mostly has Chiropractors.  There are some other businesses like the Ad Agency,  Architect, a computer repair service and even a roofing company has offices downstairs!  

    They all have their signs and proudly advertise on the shingles and building directory.

    Not Metropolitan!   Only the large numbers 140 mark the entrance to their large suite.

    • Thank you Squinch. I also did my research and found out they are being sued for not refunding clients. Just google them!

    • Metropolitan Law Group achieved a modification for me…VERY GOOD RESULTS!
      If they have an office where they operate out of other than the Wells Fargo Tower, then so be it. I had my mortgage reduced by 662.00 per month, and it was a permenant modification. To Squinch 757 and Bbacres3….why do you care where this firm operates out of???  This sounds to me like 2 disgruntled employees trying to purposely sabotage the company. I knew going into the modification there were NO GUARANTEES, however, it sure paid off paying a retainer fee to have a team of people with knowledge be my support and representation with the Bank.

      • Julio…I am not a disgruntled employee. I did my research on this company and other modification companies. I think its good to know who you are dealing with. Nick and Grant were sued by the state of oregon for running NOD CONSULTANTS. Oregon won with a settlement. They didnt refund clients money. This is something people should know. I would like to know this information paying fees of up to $5k…with no promises. You should not be paying for a service you can do for free. Call your lender first before going thru any company.

        • This is in response to “JULIO”. I am a former employee of Metropolitan Law Group. It was brought to my attention about this newsfeed and I wanted to give some basic facts about the company. Yes Nick and Grant owned NOD Consultants. Yes they were sued by the state of Oregon. They soon opened up Metropolitan with Marc Samson (who is the step father of Nicolas Godbout). Its a very small company in Laguna, about 10 employees. I just want homeowners to know that you need to make sure you even qualify for a modification before signing anything or paying any money to any company. There is NO REFUND policy with Metropolitan. Also, call your lender and look at your options. There are a few new programs running that will lower your rate without paying up to 5k. If you give a company that sends you a flyer in the mail without knowing anything about your “case” and give them a large amount of money without a refund policy…then you cant place blame on the law group. Nick and Grant have no legal background. Also…there is no such thing as FORECLOSURE DEFENSE. Do not pay for this service! Your lender is the ONLY ONE who can stop a sales date. I have been in the mortgage industry for a very long time, if you have any modification questions, please ask…I will answe them no charge!

          • I sent in all my paperwork to the company they have not gotten back to me what do you recommend I do for loan motification presently 6.50  back credit good job   mw

        • Well, as a satisfied client of Metropolitan Law Group, I do not have any bad words for this company helping me with a work out solution from my lender; something I believe I could not have accomplished on my own. As for this being a “mom n pop show”, I believe this is a better company that gave me personalized service whenever I needed them.
          As far as the disgruntled employee factor, it seems odd that “all of a sudden” neighbors of the firm, ex employees would come forth with this information to bring down a very reputable Law Firm and Attorney.

      • Julio, did you not read my post???  I work for a their neighbors upstairs.  I have nothing against these people except that they hog up the small parking lot.  They don’t have 10 employees, they have like 30 or 40!!  All their cars in that small parking lot causes a lot of grief for everyone else and our customers who try to find parking.  

        • Squinch757—trust me…there are only 10 employees. I worked there for almost a year (waaay too long) and there was NEVER more than 10 people there. TOTAL MOM AND POP show…Grants mom works there!!!!  Honestly…not sure what parking has to do with trying to inform borrowers how they do business????  

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