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My Husband Took Off and Left Me With Two Kids and Debt. – Christina

“Dear Steve,

Looking for laws about money being withdrawn from a checking account without my knowledge or consent

I was married for 10+ years and in the first 7 years of my marriage i was the provider with a very below average paycheck. definelty not enough to support a household. so we paid what was important and did what we could for the rest. he didn’t have a job, horrible credit, and lots of debt.

i didn’t have credit, very little debt and a consistant job. 2 kids, and trying to keep up with surviving, bills, and past debt….. we lost control and sadly everything was in my name…then he got a really good job things were looking up for us finincally we could finally breathe …then about 2 1/2 years ago he took off and left me with the debt, 2 kids, and nothing else…. i moved in with my parents and instead of saving i paid his rent & some bills….. welll i have smartened up but from being so kind hearted put msyelf in a deeper hole then i was in….. now all the debt collecters from our matrital debt are after me….. i was left with a car payment. the bill for the storage unit the rest of my life is in and all the dr bills, etc……

i am going to estimate that i am in a little over 10thousand dollar’s debt….

how do i recover from this massive finincial blow so i too can move on?


Dear Christina,

It certainly does sound like it is time to move on. I think that realistically you need to ask yourself if you want to continue to try and repair the past or instead focus on making the future better. If the answer is the future is more important then even though you don’t have a lot of debt it might make sense to consider talking to a local bankruptcy attorney and consider closing the door on that past debt.

If you do click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and decide that’s a smart move for you, then any debt in your name will most likely be discharged in a few months. Any joint debt you had with your ex-husband will now be his responsibility. The creditors will go after him.

If you have not checked into child support, you should. You should also use my online benefits finder to see what public benefits you may be eligible for to help make ends meet.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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