Beware of U.S. Federal Stimulus Package Mailer Promising Debt Help

A reader sent in a mailer they recently received. I can’t believe these mailers are still being sent out.

The mailer says, “You are hereby notified that benefits set aside, through the 2010 U.S. Federal Stimulus Package, in the name of [x] are set to expire as of 1/4/2012 at 12 Midnight E.S.T. If said benefits have not been redeemed, the benefits for [x] will be considered Unclaimed and that it is the intention of [x] to not redeem set aside benefits.”

There is only one problem with all of that, it’s just not true.

The mailer instructs callers to call 877-259-8189, which comes back to an identical mailer I warned readers about on November 22, 2011.

The mailer says the “imaginary” FSPL benefits can be used for “the sole utilization of resolving the past due, unsecured debt in the amount of [x] which is currently filed against and reporting on [x]’s try-bureau credit report as delinquent and past due.”

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Only one problem with that statement, it is highly unlikely that any “tri-bureau” report was run to make that statement.

In my opinion, this mailer is cruel in is manipulation of recipients. It appears to be an official notice or government mailer and it contains phrases which would lead an average consumer to read it as such.

  • Certificate of Record and Benefits
  • Affiliation with the FSPL is strictly regulated and unauthorized use of FSPL is strictly prohibited.
  • According to the U.S. FSPL Code and the 2010 U.S. Federal Stimulus Package
  • Benefits set aside, through the 2010 U.S. Federal Stimulus Package
  • Stimulus Package Benefits
  • Benefits Available For
  • All Federal Holidays Observed

The U.S. Federal Stimulus Package Mailer

You can click on the image to see a larger view

You will notice the mailer makes the following claims:

  • 68% Resolution of Past Due Debt
  • No 3rd Party Fees
  • Reduce Overall Debt by up to 68%
  • Immediate reduction of Payments up to 60%
  • Elimination of Unsecured Debt in 24 Months
  • Credit is Restored by Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Stop Calls From Creditors and Collectors
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The claims made in the mailer appear to both be untrue and deceptive.

If you receive such a mailer, please fill out a consumer complaint here.

I have forwarded this mailer to State and Federal regulators for review.

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11 thoughts on “Beware of U.S. Federal Stimulus Package Mailer Promising Debt Help”

  1. Just received one today. The phone number is 1-888-400-9315. No reference to FSPL–but an “official” looking eagle emblem, and a barcode and “File Number”. I did not call the phone number, since I had just printed my tri-bureau credit reports, and know for a fact there are no delinquencies. Nevertheless, I certainly might have been tempted, had I not stumbled upon your site (via Google). Thank you for the alert!!

  2. Got one today that omits any mention of FSPL or Federal Stimulus Loan Package.  They just keep referring to my “Benefits” available.  What’s really egregious is that in the upper left, they’ve included a US eagle seal symbol and “2012” in the same font as used on IRS forms.  Here’s a quick crappy shot I took.

  3. I got one the other day and the phone number is 888 543-6516  Almost exact same format only no bar code on the top on the one I got.

  4. Steve, have you identified the lead gen firm responsible for it? If and when you do, you need to find out which attorney “approved” it as compliant. Cant wait to see that article. I wont even be surprised a little bit, lol….

  5. I received one today 12/27/2011 at my home in California very similar except the phone number is changed to 1-888-264-3185. The set up is the same, makes it look like it’s from the government.  


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