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I’m an Authorized User on a Credit Card. Do I Have a Responsibility to Repay? – Florence

“Dear Steve,

I lived with a person for 5 years and he stopped paying his bills – including mortgages, credit cards etc – probably filing for bankrupcy. The collectors are after him to the tune of $300,000. I had all my own bills and have stayed good with them. I have since moved out. There was one credit card that I was an authorized user on. The CC company told me I was not responsible for the balance. I have been paying on it forever! They have since removed my name from the account and they are issuing a letter to that effect.

I live in Wisconsin. I know the primary card holder will not pay on this cc account and it will go delinquent. The balance is about $4,500. How will this affect me on a credit report if I was a recent authorized user? Other than this recent snafu, I’m in pretty good credit shape. Thanks! for your help.


Dear Florence,

Ask the account holder to remove you as an authorized user. You can also ask the bank as well. In fact if you don’t get a letter from them I’d suggest you send them a letter by return receipt requested, certified mail asking to be removed or confirm the removal. Keep a copy of that letter and the card back showing they received it.

Stop using the credit card and cut up the credit card you have.

You have no obligation to repay the debt. It’s not your debt as an authorized user. The responsibility for the debt belongs to the account holder, not you.

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  • I as well personally had this issue.  Steve is 100% correct, I did exactly as he said and no longer have this issue. 

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