Global Client Solutions Moves Unusual Nelson Gamble & Associates FL Case to Federal Court

On December 11, 2011, Global Client Solutions moved a case against them to Federal Court.

The case is Ronda Andrews v. Nelson Gamble & Associates and Global Client Solutions.

The case alleges that in August or September, Nelson Gamble and Associates contacted Andrews and offered their services in the form of a consumer debt consolidation program.

Andrews reviewed the program offered but declined their services.

However a few months later Andrews was “reviewing her banking statements and noticed two unauthorized withdrawals from GCS, one occurring on November 16, 2010 for $250 and another on November 19, 2010 for $200.”

Andrews contacted GCS and was told GCS had been granted permission by Nelson Gamble and Associates to withdraw money from her account.

“Plaintiff then contacted NELSON and spoke to an agent known only as “Tiffany.” who told Plaintiff that her services with them had been canceled and that if Plaintiff wished to stop payment, she would need to send an email to both NELSON and GCS requesting the stop payment.

Plaintiff sent the required email to both NELSON and GCS and received a confirmation email from GCS that the payment cancellation had been submitted but would take up to ten (10) days to process and at the end of the ten (10) days the withdrawn amount would be returned.

The ten (10) days passed and Plaintiff never saw a credit to her account, thus she called GCS to inquire. An unknown representative of GCS informed her that GCS’ attorneys had [sic] reviewed the situation and found that there was nothing else GCS could do to help Plaintiff and her money was now theirs.”

This will certainly be an interesting case to watch.

There must be more to it other than GCS subjecting themselves to such demands over $450.


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1 thought on “Global Client Solutions Moves Unusual Nelson Gamble & Associates FL Case to Federal Court”

  1. this company is an effin joke! its not a real company.  it’s 3 people in a garage ripping off hard working people such as you and i.  but dont fret because after a year of my hard work, this company is going down!  jeremy is going to jail for the rest of his life along with that ugly skank maria, javier and the other losers that work there.  if they have scammed you, call the FTC IMMEDIATELY and the police of orange county.  have faith guys, we soon will have our $ back and these people will be in the slammer!!!! f*ck you maria! i told you i wouldnt stop till you burn in hell for stealing from me!


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