What Can You Tell Me About Pro Tax Relief in Alabama?

A reader wanted to know more about a company in Alabama called Pro Tax Relief.

I took a quick look at pro-taxrelief.com and here is what I found to share.

What immediately struck me is the company says it is Professional Tax Relief, LLC, d/b/a Pro Tax Relief and located at P.O. Box 7164, Rainbow City, AL 35906 but a search of State of Alabama records could not locate such a company.

I went to the Alabama Bar and looked up the attorney behind Pro Tax Relief, Cal Bomar. – Source

The Alabama State Bar said the member was actually:

Name: Mr. William Calvin Bomar

Firm: Bomar & Phipps, LLC

5447 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100
Atlanta, GA 30342-1911

E-mail: cbomar@bomarphipps.com

Phone: (404) 841-6561
Fax: (404) 841-9178

Date Admitted: September 29, 2000

Law School: Cumberland, Samford University (AL) – Source

A search of State of Georgia records actually found that Professional Tax Relief, LLC is a Georgia company and was registered on June 10, 2011. – Source

Apparently the company advertises itself as an Alabama company but is registered in Atlanta, Georgia, not Rainbow City, Alabama.

The domain name pro-taxrelief.com was registered to Anna Bomar at a Georgia address as well. It was registered on June 14, 2011.

Cal Bomar and Ian Plamer are/were also associated with another tax relief company, Consult America. – Source

Cal Bomar, Richard Rice, and Larry Carnes are/were associated with Tax Resolution Today. – Source

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Cal Bomar is/was associated with Debt Logic. – Source

Cal Bomar is/was associated with the Alabama office of Bomar & Phipps. – Source

Cal Bomar is/was also associated with AmeriGuard Tax Services. – Source

I have emailed Cal Bomar through the share link and asked him to post a comment to add or clarify any information he feels is missing or needs further explanation.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for asking.

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4 thoughts on “What Can You Tell Me About Pro Tax Relief in Alabama?”

  1. Has anyone given input on this company? It seems odd that an attorney with an established tax practice in Atlanta would open this non-legal company with a po box in Gadsden, Alabama.  Lots of attorneys are apparently starting non legal businesses to skirt solicitation rules and get more clients by being able to send out advertisements to people with tax liens in the public record.

    From reading your other reviews, i’ve gathered that some national companies like Consult America may not be worth it, and it may be better to speak to a local attorney.  Is this similar?  This looks like an attorney trying to go the route of Tax Masters or JK Harris, so I’m obviously a little skeptical and wondering if anyone has worked with Pro Tax Relief?

    • Gadsden is close to Atlanta, straight down Highway 278. I grew up there, and most of my family still lives there.  I don’t believe that Pro Tax Relief ever had a client with a bad result, and it was charging about one-fourth of what most law firms charge.   Many of its clients could not have afforded an attorney, which is largely the point that you miss.

      Pro Tax Relief never called a taxpayer with a lien, and required any company that it helped to contractually agree not to violate solicitation rules that it wasn’t even bound by (due to being a nonlegal company).  In fact, we were so restrictive with companies’ (that we assisted) advertising that it became impractical for them.  Nationwide companies tend to choose to be “nonlegal entities” because law firms can be deemed responsible for what every (remotely affiliated) advertiser and salesperson says, and sales people are not tax experts.   

      Tax attorneys should be able to help companies do a better job at providing these services, especially companies who help the poor.  Pro Tax Relief was started with a good motive, and it achieved fabulous results for its clients.  With that said, it is no longer accepting new clients.   One reason is that other attorneys write reviews as though they are taxpayers, in which they would seek to equate you with the companies that you are trying to help.  But also, it is incredibly time consuming and distracting from the practice of law, where my interest truly lies.

      I think that someone else should follow up on the general goal of trying to improve the industry and helping those who cannot afford legal services, but they should do it as a nonprofit organization to eliminate the profit motive suspicion. If an attorney is actually seeking to “go the route of Tax Masters” then he is incredibly ill advised, as the model is infinitely less profitable than law firms are– as is perhaps supported by the recent bankruptcies of those companies mentioned.  

      So, I’ll give a surprise answer and say yes, people are almost always better off seeking a tax attorney (I added the word “tax” since most attorneys will freely admit that they don’t know anything about tax, and attorneys are among the most frequent clients of my law firm).    This is the case, since the only “nonlegal services” company that used tax attorneys to handle every case is no longer in business (except to close out the cases of existing clients).

  2. Pro Tax Relief is a Georgia LLC with a principal place of business in Alabama (that is only about 90 miles from its Atlanta place of incorporation).  I anticipate that the company headquarters will eventually move back to Atlanta, where I live.  In addition to the law degree mentioned, I have an LLM in taxation (advanced tax law degree) from New York University, and worked in Washington D.C. as an IRS Chief Counsel attorney, and later at a large law firm.  I co-founded the Atlanta law firm Bomar & Phipps, LLC, which routinely handles extremely large tax litigation cases and may be Georgia’s best known tax law firm.  I own Pro Tax Relief, a separate company that provides tax services for two of the other companies mentioned.  I am not associated in any way with Ameriguard or Tax Resolution Today.  Consult America and Debt Logic are in my opinion both very good companies that retain PTR’s services for their clients.  Larry Carnes was an IRS Revenue Officer for 28 years, who works with Bomar & Phipps and provides some assistance to PTR.  Richard Rice is a former Assistant US Attorney, who is “of counsel” only to B&P, not PTR or any of the other companies mentioned (and should not be listed on that site).  Ian Palmer works full time for PTR, and has worked previously as an attorney for B&P.  All of the individuals that you list above are extremely skilled professionals.  I formed PTR after getting tired of seeing people ripped off by scam companies.  After years of practice, I have hundreds of very happy former clients, and it is exceedingly rare to read anything negative about my services on the internet.  Any client of PTR can schedule a meeting or teleconference with me personally to make sure that their needs are being taken care of.  For me, Pro Tax Relief is about bringing honest services and real relief to what has historically been a very questionable industry.  It is not an industry that I would get involved in if I was concerned solely with profit, but I strongly believe that reputable tax practitioners need to be much more involved if the shady companies are ever to be pushed out of the industry.  If I can provide any further assistance to your inquiry, please let me know.


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