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Debt Restructuring of America – DROA scam. – Dianne

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HELP…signed up with DROA in January 2009…and have had a draft monthly for the agreed up amount of out contract to hopefully settle so they said “30 cents per dollar”.

They have settled one debt for me and I believe I had to add about $400.00 to it and it was hardly what they promised…but I sent the money as we made the agreement.

Then there was another debt they had me settle with an attorney here in FL (where i reside) and it was very surreal…An attorney called me whom I didnt know…and was somewhat brash, and intimidating in his conversation to me…and attempted to put pressure on me to settle this debt to avoid all my paycheck getting ganished…ALL my paycheck he says to me….after some time, and conversations, I did make a contract settlement to pay $250.00/per month on this debt and DROA was to pay it out of my accumulated escrow.

I have all the paperwork to support my settlements as mentioned above. BUT what I DO NOT have is any type of paperwork that the monthly payments have been made, nor have I had any type of contact with any of those people in months.

So after multiple calls and calls and calls, and excuses from someone named Alisha, I stopped payment for the month of 10/11 and forward. I thought that would prompt them to contact me…NO contact at this point.

So I am now 90 days arrears with DROA. They have not kept in contact with me, they did not inform me of their whereabouts or change in company, and they have failed to keep me informed as I requested of the activity of my debt settlement.

What to do??? I have paid $615.00/month since January of 2009 (33 months x 615.00) and that is substantial money for little to no results. I want my money. I want settlements.

I want to file complaints with Everybody I can to prevent this company from scamming innocent people like me. Boy was I ignorant. Thank you in advance, and I hope you have direction for me. I am lost and upset. Dianne

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  • I feel your pain. They did the same to me. I had the proof that they were taking it out of my bank account though. So, I ended up getting over $8,000 back and all debt wiped clean because they screwed me bad. The lawyer was a pro bono lawyer at that. I didn’t think I would get anything, but when the judge ruled in my favor, JUSTICE WAS SERVED!!!!  I hope you get the same!

    • Oh my goodness….thats great for you…I am so distraught over it all….I dont lnow where to turn…and all i get is attorney retainer quotes when i seek legal assistance…and they indicate that the outcome is dismal for me….i am just sick…i have lost sleep over all this….but thank goodness you have won your own money back!!! DIANNE

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