What are some good companies to call about my huge amount of secret debt?

I’ve got to stop lying to myself and my husband who I have not told I owe not including my mortgage and student loans, $15-16,000 in heinous, frivolous purchases?

Today I awoke from my spending stupor because I can no longer afford to pay my mostly maxed out cards AND OUR MORTGAGE. I deserve to be in a scary place, and this is my entire fault.

I realize also that this insanity has taken 3 years to finally address my spending problem.
What companies are out there to help?

Also, for someone like me, recently married, 25 years old and a home owner, what options are available for me?

Finally, are there any companies out there that are willing to work with me on my mortgage debt and my student loan? I have no idea about how any of this works, and I promise myself that I have shaken hands with my childlike denial today.

I feel sick about this and I pray my husband won’t leave me!

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*Hopeless Wife

Dear Hopeless Wife,

The good news is it’s not hopeless. In fact if you can peal away your fear and worry at the moment you’ll see the situation actually looks hopeful since you have admitted the problem.

There are several issues we need to look at but I need additional information from you to get you headed in the right direction. I need to know if these are private or government backed student loans. Also, tell me more about the mortgage. How does your husband not know about the mortgage?

Years and years of experience have shown me the best way for couples to deal with these issues of hidden debt are to come clean about it. Typically, the surprised spouse will be upset about it, the air will be chilly for a few days but generally couples come together and tackle the issue and things work out.

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What do you think led to your hidden spending? What kind of things were you spending on?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach
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